1. Denise

    Pyramids Of Glass Submerged In The Bermuda Triangle

    This article is simulcast on Apparently Apparel and Before It's News.com Posted by Zach Royer | March 29th, 2012 | Editor in Chief, Apparently Apparel "These strange underwater pyramid structures at a depth of two thousand meters were identified with the help of a sonar according to...
  2. New UFO Hunter

    Hitler's Roswell: Alien saucer crash in 1937 Nazi Germany

    Ten years before an alien craft crashed onto rancher Mack Brazel's property near Roswell, New Mexico, a flying saucer lost control and crashed onto the countryside of Nazi Germany. This incredible story—covered-up by both the U.S. and U.S.S.R. for more than 70 years—is allegedly the actual...
  3. New UFO Hunter

    WikiLeaks Set To (Reveal) US-UFO War In Southern Ocean..!

    WikiLeaks Set To Reveal US-UFO War In Southern Ocean November 24, 2011 Aliens and ufo cover up exposed by Wikileak. Is US is fighting secret war with ufo and alien? Wiki leaks is said to release the US cables details that says that , Americans have been in war against UFO’s Antarctica...
  4. Denise

    A message from Archangel Michael channeled by Meredith Murphy 9/23

    Meredith Murphy A message from Archangel Michael channeled by Meredith Murphy Saturday, 17 September, 2011 (posted 23 September, 2011) http://spiritlibrary.com/expect-wond...rth-your-light The Golden Dome of Light that exists as your multidimensional Stargate, is coming online. What this...
  5. New UFO Hunter

    Gravity, UFOs, & Mars Dr. John Brandenburg

    2 sep 2011 Continuing Einstein's quest for a Unified Field Theory, plasma physicist Dr. John Brandenburg presented his theory which connects gravity and electromagnetism. Calling it the GEM unification theory, he explained that electromagnetism actually has three forces-- electric, magnetic...
  6. New UFO Hunter

    UFO Drone hovers low Kiev, Ukraine 2011-09-03

    UFO over kiev September 2011ovni 飛碟 Unidentified flying object area 51 roswell ancient aliens talls cigar mother ship USO ozn Extraterrestiral alien russia space craft aliens triangle orbs lights sky greys reptillians annunaki orions sirians planet x nibiru comet elenin 2012 december 21...
  7. Denise

    Archangel Michael ~ The Process of Ascension ~ Ronna Herman

    Beloved masters, first of all, we wish to clarify What Ascension Is Not. At your present state of evolution, ascension of the physical body will only be possible for a few very advanced avatars that have opened the path for humanity’s ascension into the next level of higher consciousness...
  8. New UFO Hunter

    Gulf Of Aden Stargate ..Emerged UFO'S Or Underwater Military Bases

    The Gulf of Aden has been the center of attention since Somalia pirates had attacked hundreds of vessels in the Arabian Sea/Indian Ocean region throughout the years, though most attacks do not result in a successful hijacking. Back in 2008, there were 111 attacks which included 42 successful...
  9. Unhypnotized

    Magnetic Time Vortex Over Antarctica???

    Hello everyone, I discovered the below video while searching around YouTube last evening and thought I'd publish it because it appeared pretty interesting. Exactly what is everybodys take of these video and info??
  10. Unhypnotized

    Vortex of time over Antartica

  11. Unhypnotized

    Russia orders missile alert after mysterious ‘vortex’ slams into Germany

    A shocking ‘top-secret’ report prepared Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERCOM) on their meeting this past week with Prime Minister Putin, in Novgorod region, warns that our planet Earth is ‘under attack’ by an as yet unnamed ‘extraterrestrial entity’ to which President Medvedev has...
  12. Unhypnotized

    Engineer Behind Iranian Saucer Technology Comes Forward

    Nuclear Engineer, Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, has came forward as being the developer of the technology being used in Iran's new "flying saucer." His technology is claimed to harness magnetism and gravity to allow travel throughout the solar system and beyond. by Hank Mills Pure Energy Systems...
  13. Unhypnotized

    Urban Stargates and the Mapping of Sakkara

    Here's the latest additions to my Vortex Energy Series on youtube. The complete playlist can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_lis...51FAA21CF24AEA There are tens of thousands of stargate portals all over the world. Many were built by the ancients and are better known as...
  14. Unhypnotized

    Lauren Gorgo - 11th Phase Lightbody Ascension - Feb 1st

    TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 2011 11th Phase Lightbody Ascension The New Normal In the last article I wrote I mentioned that we were in the throes of some unprecedented geomagnetic activity due to a significant global rebalancing spurred by a magnetic pole shift….or visa versa. I also mentioned...
  15. Unhypnotized

    Meteorologists blame freak Arctic weather phenomenon for US snowstorms

    London Telegraph Jan 30, 2011 Meteorologists say a freak weather phenomenon over the Arctic is responsible for the storms which have dumped record amounts of snow on the United States East Coast this winter. The phenomenon, known as the North Atlantic Oscillation, is pushing frigid winds...
  16. Unhypnotized

    Vortex Based Maths - Randy Powell

    Ted Talks intro to vortex maths this is the intro of Randy' personal life Let me know what you think!
  17. Unhypnotized

    Make your own Genesa Crystal

    The Genesa Crystal is a sacred geometric sculpture. Because its shape is perfectly aligned with nature, it generates an energy vortex that amplifies the intentions of those in its presence. In effect, it becomes an antenna that attracts, cleanses, balances, and finally amplifies energy. In the...
  18. Unhypnotized

    "Government Black-ops" The Truth about weather changes?

    "Government Black-ops - Part 1" An expert of planetary changes...Very interesting interview with an insider! MUST LISTEN!! "Government Black-ops - Part 1" Aurora and Doctor Whodini's special guest is John Moore. John is ex-military and a retired homicide detective and has special...
  19. New UFO Hunter

    The Demise of Ufology

    ET phoned home while driving. The Demise of Ufology. Written Friday, June 04, 2010 by Mr. Rutkowski at Ufology Research I caused a bit of a stir several months ago when I called UFO case investigation a lost art. I'll go further this time: ufology looks like it's near death. The bad news...
  20. day

    Planet X/Nibiru/Nemesis/Sedna - Updates 2010