Goyim hit by the ‘Jewish’ diseases


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On August 11, 2013, Jewish Daily Forward reported that several non-Jewish (Goyim) young kids in United States and Europe have died as result of Tay-Sachs degenerative disease, commonly known as the “Jewish disease”.

“Tay-Sachs is probably the best known “Jewish” disease. As many as one in 25 Ashkenazi Jews is a carrier of the defective recessive gene. Today, the majority of babies born with the disease are not Jewish. Of the approximately 15 new infantile Tay-Sachs cases diagnosed in United States each year “maybe one is from a Jewish family”. The disease leades to paralysis, blindness, seizures and eventually total incapacitation and death,” said the report.

A study conducted by Dr. Arnold A. Hutchnecker (died 2001), a New York psychiatrist, for the American Psychiatric Association, entitled, Mental Illness: The Jewish Discease, published on October 25, 1972 – concluded “although all Jews are not not metally ill, mental illness is highly contagious and Jews are the principal sources of infection”.

“The world would be more compassionate towards the Jews if it was generally realize that Jews are not responsible for their condition,” Dr. Hutchnecker said. “Schizophrenia (mental disease) is the fact that creates in Jews a compulsive desire for persecution“.

Dr. Hutchnecker pointed out that mental illness peculiar to Jews is manifested in their inability to differentiate between right and wrong. He said that, although Jewish canonical recognizes the virtues of patience, humility and integrity, Jews are aggressive, vindictive and dishonest. Is it possible that Benjamin Netanyahu may had volunteered for Hutchnecker’s study!

In other words, Dr. Hutchnecker was suggesting that Germans, Palestinians, Lebanese and all other victims of Zionist Jews – should forgive the Jews for not knowing why they kill the Goyim.

For some strange reasons, however, the Jewish lobby did not like Hutchnecker. On his death, NYT and other Zionist media outlets, only mentioned that president Nixon and Gerald Ford were among his patients.

In the 1950s, Hutchnecker suggested that mental health certificates should be required for political leaders, similar to Wasserman test demanded by states before marriage. How many US lawmakers, who prefer Israeli interests over American interests, do you think will pass such test?

Canadian hospital interfaith chaplain, Diane Weber Bederman, is one of Hutchnecker’s “vindictive and dishonest Jews”. The Times of Israel published her story on August 4, 2013. She begins her story by telling her readers that she suffers from mental illness which she inherited from her maternal grandmother. To prove her mental illness, she calls both Nixon and Hutchnecker antisemitic.

”I have triggers for my depression and I try to avoid them. But, there is one trigger I cannot avoid: hateful, disparaging, irrational comments about Jews and Israel,” she wrote.

Then she exposes her odd interfaith expertise.

“We’ve had about 2000 years of being hated by Catholics and then Protestants for killing Christ, played out in persecutions, pogroms, expulsions, mass murder( Although for decades Popes have said that this has got to stop, it takes time for the internalized, often unconscious, hate to go away),” she said.

“Then along comes Islamic hate,” she added.

It seems the Zionist “interfaith chaplain” never heard of Rabbi Allen S. Maller of Temple Akiba in Culver City, California – who says: I’m a Jew in Islam.

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