Greatest UFO sighting In Australia - Proposed Playground?

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A UFO researcher believes that the mass UFO sighting happened in 1966 could lure more tourists to the place of the mysterious event.

However, Richard Wilson is doubtful that a proposed playground with spaceship theme at the Clayton South park could help promote the site of the famous UFO sighting in the 1960’s. Wilson, who has been spending years researching the unusual incident, suggests that Kingston Council should do more than making a UFO-themed playground.

Mr Wilson suspects that the UFO seen in nearly 50 years ago was an experimental government aircraft. He points out that the people are more than ready to accept the truth about the existence of UFO or aliens, but the government have not changed their stand and continued to cover-up such information.

Mr Wilson recalled that in Grange Reserve on April 6, 1966 approximately 90 people (including a school class) reported witnessing up to 3 UFOs. He considered the sighting as major incident in Australia, comparable to Roswell in the U.S.

Ron Brownlees, currently the mayor of Kingston, said that the concept of the playground was a proposal to ease or eliminate the fear of some people towards the park because of the apparent UFO sighting incident more than 4 decades ago.