Rabbi: 'Rand Paul is the greatest threat to Israel'


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In an Op-Ed published in Israeli daily Haaretz on July 17, 2013, Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie warned American Jews about Sen. Rand Paul, who is the front-runner for GOP presidential candidate (Business Insider, March 28, 2013) against the possible Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016.

“The greatest danger to Israel’s standing in the United States doesn’t come from the radical left, the antisemite fringe or anti-Israel groups on compus. It comes from Sen. Rand Paul of Kentuckey, who is running hard for president and currently leads the pack of potential 2016 GOP candidates,” says the Rabbi.

Sen. Rand Paul has proved his “pro-Israel” credentials since his father, former Congressman Ron Paul, failed to get GOP ticket to run against Sen. Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election as result of Jewish Lobby campaign against him. Ron Paul was named vicious antisemite, for calling reduction in US aid to the Zionist entity – and a 9/11 denier.

Last week, Jewish Daily Caller reported that Rand Paul held a private conference with about 80 Jewish leaders from across the country. “The purpose of the meeting was for these leaders – many of them rabbis – to learn more about the Republican lawmaker, who is openly considering a run for president in 2016,” said the newspaper.

In January 2011, pro-Israel media accused Rand Paul, like his father, proposing a reduction in US aid to Israel. Rand refuted the allegations, published in Jewish Commentary magazine on November 18, 2012.

“In my proposals to end or cut back on foreign aid, some have made accusations that my proposals would hurt Israel. Actually, not following my proposals hurt Israel. We currently give about $4 billion annually to Israel in foreign aid. But we give about $6 billion to the nations that surround Israel, many of them antagonistic toward the Jewish state. Giving twice as much foreign aid to Israel’s enemies simply does not make sense. Our aid to Israel has always been to a country that has been an unequivocal ally. Our aid to its neighbors has purchased their temporary loyalty at best. These countries are not our true allies and no amount of money will make them so. They are not allies of Israel and I fear one day our money and military arms that we have paid for will be used against Israel,” said Rand Paul.

Rand Paul’s figures on US annual aid to Israel and its “enemies” in the Middle East, are out of order. Israel receives $4 billion in heathcare, education and soft loans, plus $3 billion in military aid annually. Israel’s neighbors, Egypt receives $1.3 billion, Jordan recieves $350-400 million and Lebanon receives $100 million in military aid. Two other Muslim countries, which have received US bribe to look after American interests, Pakistan and Afghanistan, are not Israeli neighbors. Pakistan has received approximately $28 billion aid during the last 50 years while Hamid Karzai’s US-installed government has received less than $8 billion since 2002.

On May 20, 2011, Sen. Rand Paul called president Obama, a fool, for pressuring Israel to vacate more Arab land it occupied in June 1967.

“For President Obama to stand up today and insist that Israel should once again give up land, security and sovereignty for the possibility of peace shows an arrogance that is unmatched even in our rich history of foreign policy. Peace from weakness or peace from outside coercion of Israel is a fool’s errand. Unfortunately, the President today proved himself willing to play that fool,” said Rand Paul.

Rand Paul who visited Israel as part of an evangelical Christian delegation early this year, told Ben Shapiro, on his return that he considers any attack on Israel as an attack on United States. Paul’s trip was paid by Dr. Richard Roberts, a prominent figure in the American Jewish community.

Rand Paul, opposed Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, to please the Jewish Lobby. But, at the end voted in favor of Hagel which shocked his Jewish supporters. He explained to his critics that he voted for Hagel to let the president have atleast one of his appiontee.

Philip Geraldi, a former CIA officer published an article on February 7, 2013, at the The Council For The National Interest, explaining Rand Paul’s dual personality – an ongoing fight between his father’s morality and his own loyalty to Israel.

Senator Paul has supported sanctions against Iran while contending that such actions should not be construed as a license to go to war. He was the only senator to vote against a resolution last fall maintaining that Iran cannot ever acquire a nuclear weapon; he said: “A vote for this resolution is a vote for the concept of pre-emptive war.” But his essentially constitutional position on war powers has not stopped him from arguing that “The Iranian regime is engaged in the pursuit of nuclear weapons and supports terrorism across the globe.” That Iran is seeking a nuclear weapon is incorrect according to the CIA.

After the November election, Paul joined 99 other Senators in voting unanimously for increasingly harsh sanctions on Iran designed to cripple the country’s economy. His father Ron had a different view back in August, slamming a similar bill in the house and voting against it, calling the measures an unconstitutional “act of war.”

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