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To everyone.

i'm here primarily to look for like-minded people, boys or girls, women or men, for friends. Any people who are awake or waking up. The decisive pieces have fallen into place in my mind during the last week since i came across mr. Watt.

i'm a guy, 34 years of age, and am a poet. And the most precious thing in life for me has always been thinking - however MISGUIDED i was before at what to think, going around in circles of mysticism and philosophy - and freedom as in complete individuality.

It's a lonely world for people like me, so anyone who finds themselves in a similar position, get in touch.

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Welcome to unhypnotize, sacateca.
I think that most people who join this forum are very like-minded individuals. I hope you will find the friendly folks here who are interested in waking up and waking the world.
We're definitely glad to have you as a part of our community.
Feel free to post as much as you like. You said you are a poet; I don't know if you have noticed that we DO have a poetry corner if you are interested.

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Hello sacateca it is great to see you have joined and we are all looking for truth as well as peace of mind and this is the place to get it.. We are all somehow drawn to the true reality's of worldly matters in a true time of peril in the world today hope to here from you soon take care...ricklbert