Happy 195th Birthday: Grozny and Bahaullah


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Almost 195 years ago, two historic events took place in the Muslim world. In Iran, a colonial-supported anti-Islam Bahai faith got established. Thousands miles away from Iran, Russian occupation forces built Grozny as the new capital city of the former Muslim state of Chechnya.

Last week, Russian-puppet ruler of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, threw a huge party to celebrate the 195th year of founding of Grozny. The party was attended by local and foreign political leaders and entertainers from Hollywood including producer-actor Steven Seagal (half-Jewish).

Seagal, a close friend of Kadyrovs, has visited Chechnya several times. During his March 2013 visit, he said that he would like to settle in Grozny. Earlier this year, Seagal paid for a trip of several Israel-First lawmakers to Moscow to create a joint front against Muslims around the world.

When Ramzan Kadyrov visited Israel in 2010, the Zionist media called him, “a natural ally of Israel”. The Zionist regime loved Ramzan’s father, former president Akhmad Kadyrov so much it named a street in his honor in Abu Ghosh municipality. Read more here.

The Chechen city of Solz-Gala was built in 1818 as a fortress by the invading Russian army. It was populated with Terek Cossacks. After the 1869 Caucasus War, the Russians changed its name to Grozny (meaning “fearsome”). During the Soviet times, Grozny was several times repopulated by Russians or by Chechens and Ingush.

After the demise of USSR, the parliament of autonomous republic of Russian Federation – representing 1.5 million Chechen Muslims – voted to declare Chechnya’s independence under the leadership of Russia’s Air Force hero, Gen. Dzhokhar Dudayev. In late 1994 Russian forces invaded and occupied the capital after killing over 100,000 civilians. In 1996, Dzhokhar Dudayev was martyred by a Russian missile. Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev succeeded him as president. The Russian army withrew, practically accepting defeat. In 1997, Aslan Mashkhadov, chief of Chechem Army was elected president of Republic of Ichkeria. In 1999, Russian army invaded Chechnya again. In 2003, an election was held under Russian occupation and Akhmad Kadyrov was declared ‘elected president’ by Moscow. Kadyrov was assassinated in 2004 and Moscow replaced him by Alu Alkhanov who resigned in 2007 – and was replace by Kadyrov’s son Ramzan Kadyrov. Read how Russian Jewish oligarchs have been exploiting the Chechen resistance against Russia, here.

The Bahai faith, an heretic Muslim sect, was founded in Persia in 1844 by a Persian wealthy merchant Bahaullah (1817-1892). He claimed himself to be the “Promised Messiah”. Muslim religious leaders declared him an imposter. Fearing for his life, Bahaullah escaped to Palestine where he died in exile and is buried in Haifa, occupied Palestine.

King Reza Shah Pahlavi gave special privileges to both Jews and Bahais. However, after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, Bahais were declared non-Muslims. Iranian Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians, are represented in Iranian Majlis (parliament). But, Bahais, due to their tiny community, are not represented in the Majlis.

In Canada, the Bahai community celebrated Bahaullah’s 195th birthday on November 12, 2012.

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