You Can't Possibly Be Happy With Yourself

Lady of Light


"You can't possibly be happy with yourself if you constantly find the need to criticize or ridicule others."

This pretty much speaks for itself I think. If you have to put someone else down, for any reason, you can't possibly be happy with yourself.


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It is true. What we point out in others as flaws are more than likely to be the very things we dislike or cannot accept about ourselves. Before opening one's mouth, it is good to consider looking in the mirror first. Often, a considerate and thoughtful silence will follow.

We all need to be more gentle with ourselves. To this end, get rid of magazine subscriptions and cable tv. Do you genuinely care about what Kimye or Brangelina are up to today? Look at your life. Look at the people around you. Do they reflect you, because anyone on tv or in a magazine sure doesn't! If you need to make changes, then do it. But make changes in yourself as the starting point. The changes around you will happen by themselves.