Heinz Targeted for Claiming Products to be "All Natural" While Containing GMOs


Keep pushing, we are winning!

"All natural" and "made with natural ingredients" are great sounding claims plastered on all sorts of processed foods to sell products, many of them far from being 'natural'. Well now another company is now being held accountable for its use of the word natural, and seems to be fighting for the right to continue using it despite how misleading it may be.

Heinz is being called to task over the "all natural" claim on its bottles of white vinegar. Plaintiff Debbie Banafsheha says Heinz Distilled White Vinegar can't be considered natural at all, because it's made with GMO corn.

There are encouraging signs that consumer activism is beginning to make a difference in the marketplace.

Heinz Targeted for Claiming Products to be ?All Natural? While Containing GMOs | NationofChange