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I discovered this within an old magazine from 1996. Its very informative stuff! Would like to see the year to now added:

"...The "truth" that is a lie, is easier to believe than the "lie" that is the truth..."

The following is just the "tip of the iceberg" - a handful of historical incidents and people involved in what are alleged Geopolitical, ET- or UFO-related events throughout the last century. When studied collectively, rather than as a single isolated event, a disturbing pattern begins to emerge.

DISCLAIMER WARNING: Due to the controversial - and in some cases, unproven - information, the reader is advised to research and verify (or "un-verify" ) this background information for themselves.

Early 1900s

1904: Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), Croatian-born and nationalised American genius, electrical engineer and inventor, constructs free-energy "power tower" at Wardenclyffe for "broadcasting electricity" like radio waves. After successfully demonstrating its operation, the authorities destroy it. Why? Because you can't charge people for "free" electricity. (Many of his discoveries are unsurpassed even today). 1908: Huge explosion in Tunguska, Siberia which lays waste to tens of square miles of forest. Eyewitnesses describe huge, bright object in the sky making "turns" prior to explosion in mid-air. (The debris field is reminiscent of Hiroshima).

1920s 1927: Brookings Institution incorporated to merge the Institute for Government Research, founded in 1916 as the first private organisation in the United States devoted to public policy issues at the national level; the Institute of Economics, established in 1922 to study economic problems; and the Robert Brookings Graduate School of Economics and Government, organised in 1924 as an experiment in training for public service. 1929: Admiral Byrd conducts expeditions to both poles. The newsreel film of his journeys, shown in US theatres, depicts mountains, trees, rivers and unusual animals. (On Byrd's later death, his alleged "private diaries" describe the secret discovery of an advanced civilisation of "Arianians" confirming hollow earth entry points at both poles.

1930s 1938: The Germans begin flying experimental disk-shaped craft using unconventional power sources and methods. Evidence exists with regard to recovery of downed alien craft by the Germans, and subsequent usage of the technology. In the same year, the US government engages Orson Welles to do "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast in order to gauge public reaction to the idea of alien contact. It creates a nation-wide public panic. 1939: Brookhaven Research Labs in New Jersey perfects single- and multi-element teleportation.

1940s 1941: US Navy recovers their first crashed alien craft in the ocean west of San Diego -* six years before the infamous "Roswell" crash. Alien craft and bodies taken to Wright-Patterson AFB for study. (US navy has held a leadership position in UFO matters since). 1943: Based on the theories of Nikola Tesla, Townsend T. Brown & Albert Einstein are contracted under Project Rainbow (the Philadelphia Experiment),to design "radar cloaking" device to render US Naval ships invisible to enemy radar. USS Eldridge physically vanishes and reappears while conducting experiments in Philadelphia Harbour. (Tesla had earlier pulled-out of the project after realising its military potential and dies mysteriously the same year. All of his patents vanish from the safe in his home during the funeral service). General Reinhard Gehlen infiltrates Soviet Intelligence. Gehlen forms partnership with Allen Dulles, resulting in the creation of the CIA from Nazi SS intelligence officers brought to the USA under the auspices of Operations Sunrise, Overcast and Paperclip. 1945: Despite allied efforts, the Germans successfully fly a crew-carrying version of the "fireball" from secret underground base in Thuringia. Known as the "Kugelblitz," this disk-shaped craft attains speeds of over 1,250 mph. Plans are drawn up for a continuation of the Third Reich, despite the end of the war. Scientists, plans and gravitational engines shipped out of Germany to Antarctica, where underground bases are set up and have been maintained since. Both Americans and Soviets gain access to some of the advanced German disk technology. Werner Von Braun and over 1,000 German scientists and Intelligence personnel are transported to USA and given false papers in order to work secretly for US Government in areas of advanced technology, genetics, germ warfare and intelligence operations, under Operation Paperclip. Continues into 1946. 1947: Kenneth Arnold coins the term, "flying saucer". Powerful radar unit in Four Corners area causes crash of several more alien craft, most notably in Roswell, Aztec and New Mexico. US military first claim to have captured "flying disk" with alien occupants, then state it was National Security issue but officially a "weather balloon." What becomes known as "The Roswell Incident" does not reveal the real findings: The crashed ship is allegedly from our future and contained both alien and human remains. National Security Council founded, CIA and MJ-12 formed. 50% of CIA is composed of Nazi SS Intelligence personnel and Operation Highjump initiated by US to locate German base in Antarctica after advanced German disks overfly US airspace on several occasions. Operation is unsuccessful. Project Sign created to investigate both German advanced disk technology and captured alien UFOs. Testing initially begins at Wright Field, then moved to Navy Auxiliary Field at Groom Lake, Nevada (later to become known as "Area 51" and "S4"). 1948: Value of television as a mass control medium is fully realised. 1949: Secretary James Forrestal becomes disenchanted with alien "cover-up" situation and voices his concerns to Truman. Within one month, Forrestal's diaries are confiscated and he "falls" to his death from the 16th story window of Bethesda Naval Hospital.

1950s 1952: President Truman creates NSA (National Security Agency) which, along with MJ-12, is to monitor and contain all information regarding existence of Extraterrestrials, decipher alien communications, examine alien technology and establish ongoing dialogue with any alien species. Several disks overfly Washington D.C., creating a public stir. 1953: Project Sigma created and run by NSA, functions to intercept & decrypt alien communications. At this time, US Government has 10 crashed disks, 26 dead and 4 live aliens. Project Plato set up and successful in establishing diplomatic relations with alien species, culminates at Holloman AFB, New Mexico in 1954 (and again in 1964). Robertson Panel set up to increase public disinformation, including the ongoing creation of Œconventional¹ craft (ie, stealth programs, etc), to get the heat off the "real" programs and man-made ARV's (Alien Reproduction Vehicles). 1957: The real "Alternatives" 2 and 3 initiated using alien technology. (Documentary of this scenario entitled "Alternative 3" would later be shown on television in 1977.) 1958: NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) created. 1959: Rand Corporation holds several conferences on Deep Underground Construction, and construction of secret underground bases begins which include the beginnings of "Alternative 2." (Over 75 underground facilities had been constructed under various projects by 1989, including NORAD facility inside Cheyenne Mountain).

1960s 1961: John F. Kennedy elected President and delivers famous speech on Human Rights and his goal to have the USA on the moon by 1970. He later threatens to go public with covert governmental operations, including existence of MJ-12 and ET programs. Barney and Betty Hill abducted in New Hampshire by aliens. 1962: John Glenn orbits the Earth in the manned "space program", while the real "Alternative 3" operation, using alien technology, lands a probe on Mars confirming presence of a viable atmosphere. 1963: Kennedy issues an ultimatum to MJ-12 and is assassinated in Dallas. Accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, claims he was innocent and is later shot by Jack Ruby. Over 22 material witnesses mysteriously die of "accidents" short time later. Astronaut Gordon Cooper has visual contact with a UFO while orbiting the Earth in the Mercury capsule. 1964: Designed to pacify the public and obscure the truth, the Warren Commission investigation on JFK assassination concludes one lone assassin involved; Lee Harvey Oswald fired three shots from behind the president. Attorney Jim Garrison re-opens JFK case, overthrowing Warren Commissionfindings. Zapruder footage shown to public for first time clearly questioning Warren Commission findings. (In 1979, the House Committee would conclude, "...there may have been a cover up," and "two assassins" with the fatal shots fired from both behind and in front of the president. Crucial evidence missing from National Archives). The book "Invisible Government" is released revealing many significant details about CIA operations to the public. Alleged second landing of aliens at Holloman Airforce Base where "exchange program" between various species of aliens and humans takes place. (This is the basis of the movie, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"). 1965: US Government begins to review data about the Earth energy grid systemdetailed in the book, "Harmonic 33" by Captain Bruce Cathie in New Zealand. 1966: Gallup Poll indicates that over 8 million people have seen UFOs in the USA alone. Condon Committee set up to manipulate public opinion, concluding that, "UFOs don't exist", utilising only the most easily explainable examples. 1969: NASA's Apollo mission lands first three astronauts on the Moon in 1969, allegedly in the wrong place. Astronaut later reveals, "...UFOs were up there waiting for us..." Same astronaut spends years in mental institution.

1970s 1970:
Apollo 13's oxygen tanks mysteriously rupture and is unable to land on the Moon. Crew just make it safely back to Earth. Followed by announcement that it may have been struck by micro-meteorite. (Later allegations reveal that it was carrying a nuclear device to test on the Moon and was prevented from doing so by "UFO", which carefully fired a "particle beam weapon" disabling essential life support systems and forcing a mission abort). 1972: First of two attempts to tell the public about the existence of UFOs and Extraterrestrials. Grey Advertising in Los Angeles are contacted by MJ-12 to write a documentary called "UFOs are Real". Cancelled due to Watergate scandal, Nixon resigns (ironically, despite having full knowledge of the ET situation). Was decided that "the public couldn't handle two traumatic experiences at one time". (*-See also 1983). Apollo 17, the last "official" Apollo landing mission, engages in intensive photography of the far side of the Moon, with "alien base" in the King Crater one of their main targets. 1973: Swedish Prime Minister Olaf Palme (later murdered), gives police additional rights to insert brain transmitters into human beings, a process that started in 1972. 1974: Large numbers of mysterious cattle and livestock mutilations begin and increase throughout the USA and other countries. Animals all have consistent symptoms: laser scalpel-like incisions, complete vascular collapse and consistent organ removal. To date, there are thousands of documented and unexplained cases. First mass reports of alien/human abductions begin and increase in numbers throughout the world. (By 1993, it is estimated that 1 in 50 Americans have been abducted). 1976: NASA's Viking Mission sends close-up images of Mars surface. NASA scientist discredited after claiming a gigantic "sphinx-like face," artifacts and pyramids seen in Mars images in an area called "B-block" *Cydonia. NASA state they are "geographic anomalies." (Eighteen years later, Richard C. Hoagland confirms initial claims of Extraterrestrial artifacts on Mars linking construction of Atlantis, Egyptian pyramids and Sphinx to same mathematical geometry). George Bush Snr becomes director of the CIA (and later elected president; the only person to have held both positions). 1977: Jimmy Carter is elected president and says that he'll "make every piece of information about UFOs available to the public". Carter is allegedly briefed on the situation, shown recovered alien disk/technology and changes his mind. Based on the Holloman Airforce landing of a UFO - where aliens and humans are involved in an "exchange program" - the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" is released. The BBC release the television documentary "Alternative 3", and are flooded with panic calls (but later tell the public that it's a "deliberate joke," - the end credits state, "Made 1st April".)

1980s 1980: The "Cash-Landrum Case" occurs where two women and a young boy receive severe radiation poisoning after a UFO (actually a Project RedlightAmerican-made ARV), flies low over their car, escorted by 23 military helicopters. First NASA Space Shuttle Mission Columbia launched. 1981: The University of Florida begins work on thought-operated computers and the Stealth 117A aircraft is test flown secretly for the first time. 1983: Second attempt at public disclosure regarding UFOs and Extraterrestrial situation. Linda Howe is allegedly contacted by MJ-12 and HBO. She is to have access to 68,000 feet of motion picture film of disks, landings, aliens, etc. She is also designated to meet one of the aliens, designated EBE-II. Howe is allegedly told of "serious nature" of the situation by MJ-12 revealing why Kennedy had to be "eliminated," (because he wanted to release information on the situation in 1963). Project is again cancelled. 1986: Space Shuttle Challenger explodes on lift-off killing all seven crew. NASA severely criticised for negligent quality-control procedures and program brought under military control. 1989: Bill Cooper, ex Navy Intelligence, and John Lear go "live" on LA Channel 8 News documentary (KLAS TV), and claim that JFK shot by his own driver. Appears to be seen in Zapruder footage. They also claim massive UFO cover-up, secret-service agencies and JFK assassination are linked. Highly controversial MATRIX I, II & III published by Valdamar Valerian (a pseudonym). Is banned in some countries due to its controversial "exposé" content on big business, IMC, banking, energy, medical and military industries and governmental conspiracies associated with genetic manipulation of humans, extraterrestrials, UFOs and other related "cover-ups". UFO shot down in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. Alien and human crew and disk recovered by US agencies. Both USA & Russia mysteriously and abruptly lose contact with their Mars probes, Observer and Phobos 2. Russian Phobos 2 captures photographs of enormous cylindrical object approaching their probe at incredible speed just before losing contact. Scientist and Engineer Robert Lazar, publicly claims that he was studying captured alien disks at Area 51. According to Lazar, the US Government have several alien disks in their possession and are test flying and reverse-engineering them at the top secret underground facility at Groom Lake and S4, Nevada.

1990s 1993: Hundreds of thousands of documented reports now on alien abductions and genetic and breeding experiments with humans. Continues to increase today. Conservative estimates indicate that 1 in 50 Americans may have been abducted by aliens. Natural catastrophes and disasters exponentially increase in frequency; volcanic activities, severe weather anomalies and earthquakes. 1994: Richard C. Hoagland publishes discoveries of extraterrestrial artifacts on Mars, and more recently the Moon, exposing covert operation of Brookings Institution and NASA. This prompts an ongoing Congressional investigation. TV series The "X-Files" premieres and becomes an overnight cult sensation. Series focuses on two FBI agents investigating classified "X" cases such as paranormal, ET and UFO conspiracies. Stories are based on actual FBI documented cases. 1995: Attorney Harry Connick Snr takes over ongoing JFK investigation after Jim Garrison¹s death. Four of Five Filing Cabinets of information on case have vanished. Retired ex-US Army Intelligence Photographer hands over films to BBC, allegedly showing authentic footage of alien UFO wreckage and alien autopsies taken in 1947 * (The "Santilli" Film). Alien shown in film appears to be the "Orange" species, not the "Grey". Public debate rages as to their authenticity with conflicting evidence from the Roswell incident. Film is verified as being of that period, ie 1947, and later released on video. Is rumoured that its secondary purpose was to gauge public reaction to ET situation, and to ready them for an imminent "final disclosure" within the next two decades.

"The best way to predict the future, is to invent it..."