Homeland Security May Use Wii Balance Boards to Test if You?re Nervous


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Monday, October 12, 2009

A $20 million project funded by Homeland Security is researching ways to detect how suspicious you are by tracking your temperature, breathing, and eye movements. And get this: they’ve modified a Wii Balance board to check for nervous fidgeting/weight-shifting.

Too bad if you’ve got a sore leg, right? Thankfully, they’re still investigating what level of uncomfortable shuffling would be deemed suspicious enough to call for a secondary screening.

The project is called Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST), and has also developed machines to measure the interval between heartbeats, and how deeply someone inhales.

It’s still all research, but one of the researchers told CNN the program is “doing significantly better than chance.” I’m all for better security, but it sounds pretty invasive. As Joe Stanley of the ACLU is quoted saying: “Nobody has the right to look at my intimate bodily functions, my breathing, my perspiration rate, my heart rate, from afar.”

Unless you’re entering the U.S perhaps. Welcome to the possible future of travel. [CNN via Kotaku]