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There are nine countries (US, UK, France, China, Russia, India, Israel, Pakistan and North Korea) which are recognized as nuclear powers. Pakistan and North Korea are the only two nuclear powers which refuse to accept Israel as a legitimate state. As result, both of them have been the target of Jewish lobby’s vicious campaign.

Jewish lobby has blamed Russia, China and Pakistan for helping North Korea in country’s nuclear program which is being projected as an “existential threat” to the United States. The American and other foreign intelligence services including the IAEA has no proof that Pyongyang has developed some long range delivery system to launch an attack on American soil. However, some Zionist “nuclear experts” are warning Washington that Pyongyang could use Hizbullah or other anti-Israel groups to launch a mini-nuclear attack (Mossad false flag operation). In fact, whenever Pyongyang threatens the US – it always meant the 38,000 US soldiers stationed in South Korea.

Historically, the United States was the first country which diverted nuclear technology for military usage. Its military nuclear program, known as the Manhattan Project, began during early days of the WW II. The project was headed by some immigrant Jewish scientists. Incidently, it were American Jewish spies who stole US nuclear research secrets and helped Russia and Israel to become nuclear powers later. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, an American Jewish couple was hanged for passing atomic secrets to soviet agents. American Jewish scientist, Zalman Shapiro, while head of NUMEC laboratories, helped Israeli agents to steal 741 pounds of highly enriched uranium suitable for weapons production. Israel has also been caught in selling stolen US nukes to South Africa in the late 1950s.

Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, executive director of Zionist advocacy group, the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, in an Op-Ed, titleld, ‘North Korea Today – Iran Tomorrow’, published in Israeli daily Arutz Sheva this month, blasted Barack Obama administration for not taking North Korean threats seriously.

“Contrary to the Obama administration and the uninformed mass media, developing a nuclear missile warhead is not such an insurmountable technological challenge that it should be used as an excuse to deny the existence of a nuclear missile threat from North Korea. North Korea has been working on nuclear weapons for 19 years, but using modern 21st century technology, with access to copious declassified U.S. materials on nuclear weapons design, and with help from Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran and others. We know from our own experience with nuclear weapon designs of a half-century ago that North Korea may well already have warheads that its missiles can deliver against the United States,” wrote Pry.

Then Pry lists Israel’s secret weaponization program to prove that North Korean regime is pulling wool in front of American eyes as did Israelis in the past.

“The US focuses on North Korea’s plutonium and uranium programs because that is all we can see. Hiding advancement to thermonuclear weapons is relatively easy. The U.S. did not know Israel developed thermonuclear weapons, and assessed Israel as having only atomic weapons, until the defection of Israeli nuclear weapons expert Mordechai Vanunu exposed that Israel has thermonuclear weapons too–developed clandestinely without testing,” said Pry.

At the end of his “research”, the nuclear expert drops his “Zionist pants” by excusing Obama administration for setting a bad example on Iran by ignoring North Korean threat.

”If we are prepared to be so misled by our leaders, then we should be prepared to hear from the White House and Congress in the near future that Iran–despite orbiting several satellites, and even if it conducts three successful nuclear tests–is still not a real threat to the American heartland,” claims Pry.

On April 12, 2013, The Bilzerian Report exposed the American double standard when it comes to Israel and other countries.

“Does the US intervene in the Middle East and give aid to Israel out of self-interest, as the American Israel lobby claims? Well, Israel has cost the US an estimated 2-5 trillion over the last several decades, even though Israel attacked America in two false-flag attacks, stole US nuclear secrets and material, sold American military secrets and weapons to America’s enemies, refused to warn America of the September 11 terrorist attacks, and has not lent a single soldier or resource to America’s Middle Eastern wars. Most Americans believe that Israel is essential to America’s fight against terrorism and to guarantee America’s oil supply in the Middle East, but America would not need to fight terrorism if not for its relationship with Israel. Further, America only gets a tiny fraction of its oil from the Middle East. The US produces 50% of its own oil, and gets the vast majority of the rest from Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, and Nigeria,” said the report.

“Nothing illustrates the Israel lobby’s control over American foreign policy better than the current North Korean crisis. North Korea actually threatened to nuke the United States, but yet there is hardly a reaction. The media isn’t calling for war, as it did with Iraq and now Syria and Iran. No politicians are talking about the dangers of North Korea or the need to intervene as they did with Israel’s enemies. Americans must ask themselves why they give trillions of their tax dollars to Israel and spend countless lives and resources to attack Israel’s enemies when it is clearly not for defense or self-interest,” concluded the report.

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