How to deal with menopause?


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Many women live with a phobia of some troublesome symptoms about menopause. They develop fear of cancer at this age. How to deal with this phobia and overcome your fear about menopause?


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Menopause is a normal phase. The troubles that accompany it are simply because we poison our bodies with bad foods and unnecessary medications, with baseless stress and worst of all: our wrong thinking. What if women ate fresh fruits and raw vegetables most of the time? What if we left off eating carbohydrates almost entirely? What if we focused on getting fresh stuff, good fats (this includes cream, butter, sour cream, yogurt, whole milk, quality cheeses, as well as clean oils), plant-based proteins (but NOT soy), and plenty of honey? What if we drank infusions, tisanes, green and white teas instead of the usual liquid poisons? What if we drank water instead of the other usual poisons? What if we spent time walking in nature and meditating in peace instead of watching tv? What if we rediscovered the excellent literature our civilization has produced instead of reading women's magazines and trash novels? What if we played bridge with our friends instead of watching game shows?

What if we changed our lives to bring us to a place of peace and cleanliness? Would our world look the same as it does to us now? Would you really fear menopause? Would you suffer those symptoms then? Would you even have menopause to worry about? Maybe menstruation would just gradually fade away rather than making some melodramatic exit. Maybe.

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Luckily for me, I'm far from this stage yet. But the information you've posted kotn, really gets me thinking about my eating habits. If I get myself healthy now and rid myself of non-natural chemicals, by the time I reach menopause, I should stand a much better chance of getting through it easily.

thanks for the info kotn.


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The body is a whole organism. What we feed our bodies is just as important as what we feed our minds and our hearts.

A few years ago I worked in a highly secure environment. It was extremely stressful in many ways that went beyond the office. Sedentary, stressful, pressured work along with a diet full of things I could not tolerate because of that stress just made for an ever-downward spiraling degradation of my physical health. I never even drank sodas but my specific food sensitivities made my digestion intolerant to even most foods we consider to be reasonably healthy. Eventually, my menstruation stopped and I had all the symptoms of menopause, though I was some twenty years younger than my mother when she started her menopause. But it was so, and I had slightly elevated blood pressure to boot.

I had started meditating and practicing qigong at that point through a series of "coincidences" (no such thing though) and started receiving specific messages to return me to health. Now, some six years later, my health is completely restored, I menstruate without the any of the pain and pms that used to rule my life in my youth. Now my weight is stable. Now my hair is thick and strong. Now I don't even use moisturizers. My skin is smooth and takes very good care of itself. I rarely even use soap and I never use deodorant. There is no odor from my body, except that my children tell me periodically that I smell like flowers or that I just "smell good". Because I know what my body needs - it tells me - and in what quantities, I never have to think about "what's for dinner". The season, the day, my mood, and even one of those messages can give all the info I need. When I feel peckish it is usually satisfied by a handful of raisins or an apple. Sometimes I pig out on seaweed. :D It all serves to keep me in balance.

It takes a long time to really hear your body once you're as blocked up as I was. My lymphatic system was clogged and I was quite bloated from all the overload of office work and stress. That is what raised my blood pressure and shut down my menses, but that was accompanied by a host of other complaints.

I haven't watched tv since the early X-Files days. I don't even listen to music, because I find it to be as detrimental as any other blaring distraction our society has produced to keep us from hearing our thoughts and feelings. Magazines, never. But I have just rediscovered literature, after a very long time. I will take up embroidery again soon and I'm finally going to teach myself to knit. Doing beneficial things, not time-wasting things, lends itself to enhancing one's state of mind. This all has a direct effect on the body.