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On December 13, 2009, I had posted that Israel is the reason behind the US-Iran nuclear conflict. On March 8, 2013, the Zioconservative propaganda outlet, The New York Times, in its editorial, titled ‘Congress Gets in the Way, has admitted that pro-Israel Congress majority is running Israel’s proxy war against the Islamic Republic.

“Last week, just as Iran and the major powers made some small progress in talks and agreed to meet again, two measures were introduced in Congress that could harm negotiations,” says the editorial.

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel told the annual AIPAC conference this week that there must be a “credible military threat” against Iran. Vice President Joseph Biden Jr. also assured the group that Mr. Obama would use force if needed,” added the editorial.

“The best way to avert military conflict is by negotiating a credible, verifiable agreement. It is a very long shot. But Congress needs to give the talks time to play out and not make diplomatic efforts even harder,” cautioned the editor.

The above clearly shows that Netanyahu, Biden and other Zionist american traitors don’t want the normalization of US-Iran relations which would certainly pave the way for a long-term peace in the Middle East while also protect America’s national interests in the region.

But the normalization of relations between America and Iran totally depends on the lifting of the US-EU-UN sanctions against Iranian nation. And since the Israel-Firsters majority in both the Congress and Senate continues to slam Iranian with new ‘crippling sanctions’ every other month – there is no chance that Washington will not be an honest broker between P5+1 and Iran. Because, America’s democracy is bought and paid for by the Israel lobby groups.

NYT: Israel will never allow US to cut a deal with Iran | Rehmat calling