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Sudan’s President Omer Al-Bashir youth gathering in Khartoum on Wednesday – called the leaders of South Sudan “insects” while accusing South Sudan’s ruling party, the SPLM, of seeking to execute anti-Muslim agenda on behalf of the western imperial powers. Omar pleged to liberate South Sudan from the ruling SPLM hooligans and traitors. Watch the video below.

The UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon on Thursday blasted South Sudan for its illegal occupation of Heglig area in South Kordofan last week calling it “illegal”.

Omar’s remarks have angered pro-Israel lobby groups who have called it a slur against Jews and Israel for their SPLM support against pro-Iran Khartoum regime. Last month, during an anti-Khartoum protest rally in front of Sudanese embassy in Washington DC – several Rabbis and Zionist Jews were arrested for inciting hatred toward Muslims.

South Sudan’s president Salva Kiir is known for his close relations with Tel Aviv. Israel is using South Sudan as ‘Zionist proxy’ in Africa to fight Iran’s growing influence in the Muslim-majority continent.

Omar Hassan al-Bashir has visited both Islamic Republic and China in the past. He attended the anti-terrorism conference in Tehran. Omar’s visit irked Newt Gingrich, a Jewish Lobby’s poodle and US presidential candidate. He wrote in Human Events (July 6, 2011) that the conference which designated both the US and Israel being the world’s greatest terrorist states – was “a diplomatic defeat for President Obama and America“.

Sudan and Egypt have great strategic importance for the Zionist entity due to their shared Nile water which is needed for the development of new Jewish settlements on the lands stolen from native Arabs. According to Muriel Mirak-Weissbach of the Schiller Institute, most of Israeli invasion of its Arab neighbors (Lebanon, Egypt and Syria) had been to occupy and exploit their water sources.

Several American Jewish groups have been demonizing Muslim-majority government in Khartoum for decades to serve Israeli interests in Africa. They used the Zionist-controlled mainstream media to spread their propaganda lies about human rights abuses in Sudan just like they did in case of Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Libya and Nigeria. On the other hand, Israel armed and trained rebels fighting against Khortoum. Jewish Lobby also used International Criminal Court to convict Sudanese President for war crimes while ICC had refused to prosecute Israeli mass-murders.

In April 2006, Israeli daily Jerusalem Post had boasted that the ‘Save Darfur’ project was a brainchild of 15 Jewish groups who were able to siphoned $50 million to fund illegal Jewish settlements in Israel.

Fahmi Howeidi asked in Khaleej Times: “Israelis can tell the whole story of Sudan’s division – they wrote the script and trained the actorrs“.

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