I'm Back1!!!!


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Happy to report that internet is back on although it's now a paid or internet service. :( :) mixed feelings. Happy and worried about cost to my friends fixed budget.

will try to find some type of job (don't worry well aware of the scams out there but just a little part-time minimum wager on the internet would be a big help. If anyone out there knows of any legitimate ones that is please let me know.

Thanks to everyone for their patience, will now try to respond to your replies.

Lady of Light

Welcome back!! :)

I too have been away (for very different reasons), and am also back! :)

Glad to have you back online in any case! :)


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Thank you Lady of Light I missed being able to visit. :) on a regular basis. The library wasn't the best of places believe it or not, I think they have dropped the policy of "library voice" very distracting place now. :frown:
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