[Attention] Incidence of H1N1 increases on vaccinated people: Study


Incidence of H1N1 increases on vaccinated people:

By Don Pathak | October 23, 2010 3:08 AM EDT


Chances to get infected with H1N1 increases tremendously in people who have been vaccinated previously for seasonal flu, a study reveals.

The research done recently by Plosmedicine indicates that people who skipped the vaccine were 100%-275% less likely to be infected with H1N1.
Flu is categorized into three types, i.e, A, B and C. Type A cause the most severe form of influenza and are mainly found in animals like ducks, chicken, pigs, whales and also in humans. Type B are found circulating widely in humans while type C has been found in humans, pigs and dogs causing mild respiratory infections.

It has been only a few years back when reports by mainstream media created havoc in people's mind about the importance of getting vaccinated in order to avoid death by flu. These reports resulted in increase in vaccine demand worldwide.

Raise in vaccine demand generated big business for major pharmaceutical companies. They started producing vaccines in a large quantities and convinced people to get vaccinated for both seasonal as well as for H1N1 pandemic flu which earned them huge revenues.

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