Inner child

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We also know that feelings''LOVE''come from? Love can only feel if our deepest core''connected''and that is our soul and our soul is in the left ventricle. Are we in contact with our soul, we are also in contact with our inner child. The inner child that we own. If the inner child is not happy then we ourselves are not happy. Because are our souls and that we then, not all has processed. So keep ourselves old feelings down. Moving away because we can change our past is still NO, the experience with you and let the rest LOS so that our inner child ZIEL free and happy.

The first 20 years in everybody's life lessons are presented. These lessons that we have seen, we go and if we understand these lessons have understood that we can release. Release means conscious with what we do or do not want to cherish, so like that. Keep only those in your inner that is valuable. These lessons are we all about to learn. We understand our lessons, it is intended that the experience of these lessons stick and release their emotions and energy. Let us not go, remain in our system, and then we repeat them again and this does not. Our inner child wants to be rid of this. If we go further in our evolution, this is called 't spiritual path of spiritual consciousness. The path of understanding the path that our life is better and happier. Lucky we can create and we can do with positive thoughts.

Are we good for ourselves, we are also good for our inner child. Are we proud of ourselves, the inner child happy. Love: these are feelings that we received from our inner and love is inexhaustible, the more love we give or inner child, the more we get back.

We are in touch with our inner child we lost and now restored. Because we own and therefore damage the inner child we have to understand and then let go. Also we deal with non-working old beliefs and rules and systems that we had as a child''''experience. This can give a distorted image that our inner child still holds. In those days children were not seen or heard. This means that a child is not itself and was forced into a different picture thinking. Of children who had no love, so that inner child does not love it. Or children who are neglected. Children have a safe environment. Many children have been damaged, parents themselves are not really aware of. Often this happens because they also be handled.
Parents today are hopefully well aware. Treat children with respect for the parents then that respect back.

They are often rules that our parents have taken over again by their parents, but also when parents knew no better. Children had no right to speak and was especially''invisible''are. The identity of this child is so disturbed. If a child several times his mouth is gesnoerd, close the child wondered. This child does this unconsciously and then close the throat chakra and ears close automatically. A child is very vulnerable and this gives problems later. See if your parents the same happened. As we learn, change what we decide to change, we do this for ourselves.

If a child always should keep his mouth, this child if the burden of growing up here have, as are all other fixed rules "should''when there were. The inner child is so very unfortunate. Of course there are rules are, children may know where they stand. But the children more confident and to those they trust their parents will feel they are very good.''A child should be''a fair chance to develop give them that freedom of speech, a child himself. This will offer them at a later stage, very useful. Are they not the freedom of speech, as they get older they are problems to express themselves.

At birth we have 50% of father and 50% of maternally. If we want to we the mistakes of our parents actually see. Also brothers and sisters are a true mirror for us. We can immediately see what we want to feature character and has a distorted image data, since we have a free choice in. We must look at themselves objectively. We arrive at the family / parents right where we can learn. Know this: Expect nothing but we are not disappointed.

We should be aware that our parents had to learn their lessons like all of us. City parents are not on a throne. Look back and cherish what we want to nurture in our hearts and release what may be released. We have certain habits that are not good''detachment''and what is still unwell release. This gives room for new things. This does not mean that we no longer keep our parents. This means that we better stand up for ourselves and our inner child to love and therefore of ourselves. Thus, we have better balance, this is the purpose of evolution. We can change ourselves, nobody else can do this for us. This is balm for our inner child.

We can now angry at our parents, but we change something in that situation then? Parents did not know better. They habits and rules about their parents and so we have things taken from them.
Now we have a free choice whether we want children. The were other times, parents had no higher consciousness as most of us do. Parents were in their 3rd Dimension of their consciousness. They had no information that we now have at our disposal.

From 1950, the New Time Children born masse and called them when the "Baby Boomers". These kids were different and were not included. These children came with a much higher consciousness and the Earth. Actually they were much wiser than their parents, but parents did not know how they should deal with these children or to communicate. They found them difficult and too direct and it took them difficult pedagogic equivalent children, problems are then stacked up. Most of the time children are emotionally damaged.

These Baby Boomers are now aging and often time a new child. Now these children have the freedom that they themselves wanted. This NTK be born with a higher consciousness, this means that these children already know a lot also understand. Talk to this NTK as adults, they explain why something may or may not according to your insight, especially communicate with them. Challenge the children mainly because they can do anything, because they have a higher consciousness. Even though we understand they do not trust them and give them the space to develop themselves and they'll always be grateful for it. Knead them to their own standards and values. Have respect for them than you will respect.

These Baby Boomers of the past are now parents who search for what was wrong with them is gone. Why when things happen like when they are done. This is a process for old wounds to heal our inner child still feels. It is never too late to restore feelings for yourself and your inner child. Therefore, keep yourself for who you are, am proud of yourself. Feeding the inner child for you to have respect for yourself. Accept yourself as you are, so you will be happy you are with yourself and with your life. It is never too late, we love ourselves, we keep our inner child and we can also keep others.

This Time New Kids came en masse to the Earth and they had a 5th dimensional consciousness. They came with a mission to humanity and Earth to help them to a higher consciousness brengen.Er are also very different and children born with an old soul, and with a higher consciousness. This means that these very young children are very wise. Listen to them they come with a message and we parents can learn from them.

We are mirrors for each other and parents think that not only your wisdom holds. Luister naar uw kinderen en u zult verbaasd staan wat die jonge kinderen al begrijpen en vaak dingen weten waar u nog nooit van gehoord hebt. This does not mean that these children invent something, no it means that these children ANOTHER consciousness, where we have much to learn. Parents looking on the Internet about this NTK if you, your children do not understand, they know and now we also support that knowledge. Growth with them.

As we forgive someone, feel our inner child is also considered as a liberation. We can parents or others forgive and forgive, we purely for ourselves. We do this not because forgiveness we have done something wrong, we do this then that emotion and energy to run. If we have problems with someone, we can of detachment, this is a liberating feeling.

Let your inner child know: this was my life lessons I had to learn, I now understand these lessons and now I will be releasing their emotions. The inner child is this and can let go. Put this thought forces us inner child will certainly be heard. Thus, we have better balance.
Take the time. We want to make sure that our inner child it should be. Then we can finally deal with all misunderstood feelings.

Say it 100 times:

Inner child I would listen to all the negatives and ''transform''.them into positives

Sources: Spiritual Wisdom - Reiki en spirituele artikelen

And StarPeople