Is the white light after we die a trap?

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If so where should we go when we die?

Some alien researchers say that not only do ET's manipulate our physical bodies in this world, but they also deceive us after we've died. Robert Morningsky warns us not to go into the white light we see when we die because it is a trap to further our enslavement and put us straight back into another body. He says to stop, look around, go out into space and find your own light. The white light is used as a reprogramming centre to install amnesia and screw up our lives because we forget our past lives from this. Susan Reed reports that reptilians erase our past life memories so our subconscious believes we have more karma to pay back than we really do. This also fits in with the Wingmakers guy James who talks about Anu creating an artificial world and luring and trapping souls into it so he can be king of the world.