[Opinion] Isaac's Ghost: Another Gulf Threat?/HAARP to cause tough winter and hurricanes in South.


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Kind of doing two articles together to support a theory I've been trying to figure out this year. As I've stated before I believe that HAARP is the cause of the weird weather and sinkholes we've been having. I think after the election the EPA may have some more regulatory actions to dump on us,because they'll want to say it's Climate change. Maybe some new goofy laws too.

Besides have you ever seen a Hurricane like Isaac doing these things before, making double landfall, going up and then coming back down and have the remnants reform. Come on, if its not us, then who do you think is doing it?

HAARP to cause tough winter and hurricanes in South. | 2012

8:17 PM – The only image that I am really getting focuses a lot on the south, I am seeing a map of the United States and there is like bright red through all the southern states starting from Texas all the way to Florida. And I am seeing FEMA with this, and I feel like the reason they are being pulled down south is because they have used HAARP to alter a lot of weather because I am just seeing one hurricane after another coming in, like on the Doppler radar. So it is almost like FEMA is down there to pre-setup evacuation centers and whatever assistance is needed before these natural disasters even happen. And now as I zoom out on the map of the United States I see red through the very northern part of Ohio and it extends all the way east all the way through the New England states and I am seeing ridiculous amounts of snow, just piles and piles of snow. And my impression is that this is our upcoming winter and troops are going to be sent up north to deal with this….

Isaac's Ghost: Another Gulf Threat? - weather.com

by Jon Erdman