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I have heard that there is oil at the ice caps, I think Russia is aware of this too. Now I wouldn't be surpised that this was going on, and bonus, it mimicks what they say about Global Warming. One of the (at least I think so) biggest scam around. Engineered to make the elite richer and the EPA more powerful. Anyway here's the story: Am I close to my estimation, if not I would welcome other viewpoints.

HAARP Destroying Polar Ice Cap | Science and Technology

by Terrence Aym

The incredible HAARP project now spreading across the globe has investigators scrambling. Evidence has built during the past decade that applications of HAARP employing advanced Tesla technology are manipulating weather, modifying the climate, triggering artificial earthquakes, and—according to one physcist—experimenting with the basic nature of spacetime.Recently amazing new evidence has come to light that a massive new project linking HAARP to a mysterious pyramid at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean may be generating incredible power that could pose a danger to the world. And now researchers have dug up evidence that another strange pyramid buried deep under the permafrost of northern Alaska exists. Ominously, it is not far from the HAARP installation and could conceivably be used as part of the advanced power grid of ancient pyramids around the world that seem to be systematically activated releasing raw thunderbolts of plasma energy into the disturbed ionosphere and far, far beyond.
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Yes I remember hearing about that, I also remember something about Russia putting a flag at the North Pole marking it as their territory. I can't find an article pertaining to this, but I believe they did that to claim the resources located there.


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I've heard about the flag thing with Russia claiming the north pole or whatever.

As for Haarp, and the ice caps, they're using haarp for so many things it's unbelievable. This is just the tip of the iceberg, lol. (pun intended.) I do believe they are using it for this. I don't know about oil, but does it really matter?

There are so many lies about so many things and they cover anything and everything up, and it may just be another distraction. Like the magician "look over here while i do this" kind of thing. Just a thought.


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I hear you, all of this going on in the MSM one big dog and pony show, to keep the mass entertained and speculating (Kind of like the movie Gladiator, with the Emperor Commodus and his 150 days of gladitorial events.) Only they've had to work a little harder then the Emperor did.

Yet they say they don't like conspiracies. Well, to my way of thinking, if they were just honest,(they've dumbed down too many people though intentionally, so these people don't care about any of this stuff, all they want is the fluff news) and told us about HAARP, and other things they were going to try and or explain (like UFO's) in the beginning, there would be no conspiracy about anything.