Israeli Rabbi warns US of ‘religious war’


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On September 11, 2013, The Israel National News reported a meeting between Dan Shapiro and Israeli MK Rabbi Meir Porush at later’s home to discuss Israel’s current headaches, Syria, Iran, Hizbullah, etc.

Dan Shapiro is Obama’s Jewish ambassador in Tel Aviv. Rabbi Meir Porush is head of the ‘Agudat Yisrael (United Torah Judaism Party)’, member of Israeli Knesset (parliament) and partner in Natanyahu government.

Dan told the rabbi that the United States doesn’t want to interfere in Israel’s internal affairs but like to see a strong Israel not only in military terms (over 30% of Israel’s military budget of $15.7 billion is paid by US taxpayers) but also internally, typified by internal cohesion and shared understanding. After saying that, Shapiro asked Porush’s opinion about Tel Aviv’s decision to enlist the Orthodox Jewish men for army service.

Rabbi Porush described efforts to force religious students to work or serve in the army, as most other Israeli men and women are required by law to do, as triggering as “existentional” battle. You know these days everything critical of Zionist Jews has become “existential” threat.

“When our rabbis feel that there is an attempt to change our way of life, they will call for a religious war,” warned Porush.

Porush also told Shapiro to convey this message to Obama administration.

“They shouldn’t be at all surprised. If there is forced conscription, the rabbis will see this as trying to change the way of life of the hareidi community and it will bring deep turmoil in Israel“.

I bet Netanyahu will try to paint the turmoil on Hizbullah. I’m not kidding. Shapiro laid out the groundwork. He told Porush that president Obama knows there is not great public support in favor of US military strike against Syria – however, he is concerned that lack of military action would embolden Iran and Hizbullah.

“We need it to be known that there is a price for this. What will Iran and Hizbullah learn from the lack of a response?,” said Moshe Shapiro.

In 2006, Hizbullah’s armed resistance wing defeated 30,000-strong invading Jewish army.

In the early 1950s, as a payback to Haredi Rabbinate (in the begining they considered Zionists as heretics and refused to support them) for reluctantly supporting the establishment of the Zionist entity in Palestine, prime minister David Ben Gurin, signed a law by which the young men and women of Heredi communities were exempted from universal military service. In addition, it’s agreed that the Zionist regime would subsidies them to study in Talmudic madrassas.

All non-Heredi Jews and Druze, both boys and girls, are required to enlist in the Israel Occupation Force (IOF) once they turn 16. Boys serve for two years and girls for 18 months. Both Muslim and Christian Arabs living inside Israel are not recruited in the active military forces.

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