Israel’s ‘Toilet Espionage’


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Many ‘revolutionary inventions’ related to bathroom, happens to be developed by Israeli Jews in recent years. For example, last year, Israeli media reported that an Israeli firm, Paulee CleanTec, has developed a toilet for the developing nations that needs no water and leaves no waste while leaving the washroom odorless. The invention is based on the research done by Prof. Oded Shoseyov (Hebrew University). The ’toilet project’ is funded by the Washington-based Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation.

The latest Israeli invention, the ‘smart pods’, is offered by Tel Aviv-based government subcontracting firm ‘Two Commandments (you shalt lie, but nyeth caught). The device, according to its manufacturer, “capture smells, color, expulsive energy and volatile gases”. However, it turned out, the device is being used by Israel security agencies (Mossad and Shin Bet) in their espionage network in the US and Arab countries. The ‘Two Commandments’ is owned by two Israeli Jews, Bibby Dershitz and Laura Klapshitz.

Professor James Petras, who called Gen. David Petraeus, Military poodle of Zionism, posted the story of Israel’s ‘Toilet Espionage’ on September 2, 2013.

“Toilets are frequently used as discreet meeting places,” claims Klapshitz.

As part of a major expansion program, a joint venture was worked out with the Mossad. Two Commandments went global! The new target market included the Arab countries, North America and the European Union.

Entry-level field technicians with Middle Eastern (Sephardic) backgrounds were hired especially for their ‘Arab looks’ for missions to plant the toilet-pods in Muslim countries – considered a ‘smelly assignment’ by Bibby, who claimed that, “Arabs rarely flush”.

Laura, the Jewish-Liberal, corrects Bibby’s bigotry by pointing out that it wasn’t the Arabs’ poor hygiene, but their “frequent water shortages because the US and Israel had bombed their water systems and the West blocked sale of replacement parts”. She added that “Our target population, especially the elite in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt, use ultra-modern perfumed, air-conditioned toilets, especially designed with soothing musical flushing systems – better than anything here. Bibi, it’s wrong to label all Arabs as ‘non-flushers’. Do you really want our Sephardic technicians to complain that we are giving them the dirtiest and most dangerous assignments because they look like Arabs? ”. Read more here.

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