Truth feeder
Kurt Nimmo
November 14, 2009

Mario Borghezio, an Italian member of European Parliament, dropped a bomb shell at the EU this week. In the video below, during a session of the parliament in Brussels Borghezio questioned the nominations of Bilderberg and Trilateral attendees and cohorts for the posts of EU President and EU foreign minister.

“Is it possible,” Borghezio asked, “that no one has noticed that all 3 frequently attended the Bilderberg or Trilateral meetings? I believe we need to apply the principles of transparency, so often mentioned here in our institutions. We need to establish clearly whether these are the candidates of their own countries’ political forces, or whether they are simply the candidates of these occult groups that meet behind closed door to decide matters over the heads of the people.”

The candidates in question are Jan Peter Balkenende, David Miliband, and Herman Van Rompuy.

Dutch Prime Minister Balkenende attended the Bilderberg meeting held at the Westfields Marriott hotel in Chantilly, Virginia on June 5-8, 2008. As Paul Joseph Watson noted on May 22 of that year, the Dutch embassy went out of its way to hide the fact Balkenende had attended the elite confab.

Balkenende and his European Affairs Minister Frans Timmermans were formally petitioned over their involvement with Bilderberg by Dutch MP Harry van Bommel. Timmermans referred directly to research conducted by Watson and Bilderberg researcher Daniel Estulin.

“Prime Minister Balkenende attended the Bilderberg Group conference in Washington DC last year, before meeting with President Bush, along with Queen Beatrix and her son William-Alexander. Queen Beatrix is a regular attendee of the elitist confab and was photographed by our reporters arriving at Bilderberg last year,” Watson noted on May 15, 2009.

David Miliband, the current Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs of Britain, is an EU operative pushing “environmental reform” and the globalist climate change agenda. In 2006, he pushed the idea of carbon trading “credit cards” for everyone. He is considered “ideal material” for the post of High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy for the European Union. Miliband went to Oxford and was a Kennedy Scholar at MIT, a scholarship with intimate ties to Anglo-American elitism. His father, Ralph Miliband, was a noted Marxist intellectual.

Herman Van Rompuy is the current Prime Minister of Belgium and a member of the King’s Crown Council. Van Rompuy also pushes the globalist “green” agenda, as Flanders Today has reported.

Van Rompuy “showed his hand” at a Bilderberg meeting when he “told the elite club that the European government leaders are increasingly becoming proponents of Europe tapping off green income,” in short fleecing the plebs under cover of the climate change ruse. “Van Rompuy accepted the invitation of Etienne Davignon to address the gathering because the discretion of the Bilderberg Group has attained legendary status, and what is said at its meetings has never leaked out,” the newspaper added.

In fact, thanks to Bilderberg sleuths Jim Tucker and Daniel Estulin, much of what the Bilderbergers have in mind for us has leaked out.