Jacques Vergès: The French ‘antisemite’ lawyer died


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“A lawyer is not a mercenary, but a Knight, and Jacques Vergès was a Knight,” Christian Charriere-Bournazel, President of French National Council of Lawyers said on hearing the news of Vergès’ death on August 15, 2013.

Thailand-born Jacques Vergès (1925), as a youth fought against Nazi forces occupying France under French resistance hero Gen.Charles de Gaulle. He also fought against Algeria’s resistance, National Liberation Force (FLN), declared a ‘terrorist organization’ by Paris. Now, it’s Lebanese Resistance Hizbullah, which has been declared by the same European nations.

As a lawyer, Jacques Vergès, acted as defense lawyer for some people being accused of war crimes, like Djamila Bouhired, a member of FLN, who was sentenced to death by a French court. He argued that like French Free Forces during WW II, FLN, too, is a resistance organization fighting against foreign occupation. Bouhired was released in 1960. Jacques Vergès, converted to Islam to marry her while remained a committed leftist atheist. Jacques Vergès had two children from that marriage. He abandoned his wife and children in 1970.

Jacques Vergès caught the attention of Zionist media when he defended Klaus Barbie, the so-called “Butcher of Lyon” for his role in the Jewish holocaust, while Gestapo chief in that French city during WW II. For defending Klaus Barbie, Jacques Vergès earned the title of “Devil’s Advocate” from Israeli lobby groups. Interestingly, for some reasons, Jewish Virtual Library, in its May 11, 1987 entry, admitted: “Had it not been for ferocious counter-attacks launched by Jacques Verges – the prosecution would have walked away from the trial with nothing more than the conviction of a man already twice condemned to death by French courts.”

Jacques Vergès was not allowed to defend Adolf Eichmann, a committed Zionist, a senior Gestapo official and adviser to Adolf Hitler. Eichmann, abducted from Argentina was tried by an Israeli military court and executed in 1961 for crime against Jews. Eichmann along with his wife visited British occupied Palestine. Their trip was fully paid by World Zionist Congress.

Jacques also defended Venezuelan-born Carlos the Jackal, who was on Arab intelligence services’ hit list for selling secrets to Israeli Mossad. David Dafinoiu, president of NorAm Intelligence is quoted as saying: “Carlos was never assassinated nor detained because he was never a threat to the Israeli national security or the ‘head’ of any anti-Israelis mission.”

“When Carlos was finally arrested by the Americans and French in 1994, it was in order to “protect him” from “a coalition of Arab intelligence agencies led by the Iraqi – on their way to assassin him,” according to Dafinoiu.

Jacques Vergès met Chinese leader Mao Zedong and said that he would have defended Adolf Hitler, if given a chance. In 2008, he offered his services to defend Khmer Rouge leader Khieu Samphan in the UN-backed genocide tribunal in Cambodia.

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