BROUGHT TO YOU BY EXOPOLITICS UK: Exopolitics United Kingdom: UK Node of the Global Network - Exo UK MORE VIDEO CONFERENCES AVAILABLE AT: International UFO Congress Convention and Film Festival Jaime Maussan is internationally known for his investigations in the UFO field, as well as a prestigious journalist in Mexico and Iberoamerica. He holds a Bachelors Degree in journalism and communications. He started his work in the biggest Spanish Language international television network, reaching the highest ranks of excellence and ratings with his programs “60 Minutes”, “From Sunday To Sunday”, and “ECO”. He has done programs on the ecology and environmental problems, and received many awards. Since 1992, Jaime has had an interest in the UFO phenomenon, and lectures frequently on the subject. Jaime promises that this year’s presentation will be more astounding than last year! It will be a highly visual presentation with amazing photos and video of the ongoing UFO activity from Central America! Santiago Yturria Garza has been a paranormal & UFO researcher since 1974, and co-founded the first UFO Research Group in Monterrey, Mexico in 1974. During the 70s he began lecturing about the Mexican UFO sightings, and was one of the promoters of the first Mexican UFO research movement. He has spoken at many UFO conferences around the world, as well as appearing in several television specials. At present, he is the International Relations Representative for Mexico's UFO Magazine, "Contacto OVNI". As a result of his 20+ years' research, Santiago has the largest UFO video & photo archive in Mexico. Santiago Yturria will present the Amazing UFO Wave from Mexico, a chronological account of the most extraordinary UFO sightings and alien encounters from 2005 - 2006 including the governor´s massive sightings from Xalapa, the strange Anomalous Biological Enities sightings, the new UFO fleets over Mexico, an update on the rare flying humanoids phenomena with new shocking footage, the dimensional vortex phenomena videotaped by security cameras in Ramos Arizpe and comparisons with similar phenomena from England. the bizarre Alien Encounter in Merida Incident including the original footage and analysis by scientist, the new case of " The Beings of Light " a very rare phenomena videotaped by Pedro Avila of the "Angels in the Sky " unique sighting from November 2005 over Mexico City and more surprises from Mexico.