Jesus statue defaced by Jews in Ukraine


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Jewish Telegraph Agency has reported that a statue of Jesus on Cross was defaced in Uman, Ukraine with Hebrew language anti-Christian graffiti, founded on August 12, 2013. According to the local authorities, gaffiti was painted by Jews visiting the grave of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov in Uman for their annual Rosh Hashana pilgrimage. Nachman is one of the 50 rabbis who have claimed being the ‘Promised Messiah’.

“To exact vengeance on the gentiles“, read the message in Hebrew, which was scrawled across the torso of a statue of Jesus. Another graffiti on Jesus’ leg, read: “Stop desecrating the name of G-d“. See the statue and graffiti at the top from JTA website.

The statue of Jesus on Cross in Uman was erected to honor the 1025th anniversary of the mass conversion to Christianity of the medieval Kingdom of Kievan Rus.

Pissed off at this anti-Jesus graffiti, some Christians vandalized a Jewish cemetary in the small Ukrainian city of Pryluky, destroying 17 tombstones. The pro-Israel Ukrainian Jewish Committee (UJC) has called it an act of antisemitism, demanding the government to fight the rising antisemitism in the country.

Most Ukrainian Christians have not forgotten their own 1932-33 Holocaust carried out by the Soviet Jewish-majority government led by Ukrainian-born Joseph Stalin which killed over 7 million people.

“Ukraine was sealed off. All food supplies and livestock were confiscated. NKVD death squads executed “anti-party elements.” Furious that insufficient Ukrainians were being shot, Kaganovitch “the Soviet Adolf Eichmann” set a quota of 10,000 executions a week. Eighty percent of Ukrainian intellectuals were shot,” wrote US-Canadian news-reporter and author Eric Margolis in 2006. Read the article here.

Adolf Eichman was Zionist Christian. He and his wife visited British occupied Palestine as guest of the World Zionist Congress. He was kidnapped by Mossad from Argentina and executed in 1961 to hide Jewish collaboration with Nazis.

Jewish billionaire George Soro and Jewish bankers control Ukrainian economy sector in addition to mass media and TV stations. Most of Ukrainian Jewish elites are more loyal to Israel than the country they live in. One of them, Alexander Levin, a millionaire, who has established the World Forum of Russian Jewry. The organization has three objectives; to organize international opposition to Iran’s nuclear ambitions – unite Jewish communities around the world to bring in the promised Jewish Messiah (Moshiach) and to make Israelis live by Moses’ Law (Torah).

On Jan. 28, a court in Kiev, Ukraine, ordered the closure of a major daily Sel’skie Vesti for publishing an article, entitled ‘Jews in Ukraine: Reality Without Myth’, which the UJC claimed to be antisemitic. Read more here.

I like to end this post by mentioning a Karachi-born Pak-British citizen Mohammad Zahoor. He is a Ukrainian businessman, a billionaire, and publisher of newspaper Kyiv Post. Zahoor married Russian-born actress, singer and model Kamaliya Mohammad (born as Natalya Shmarenkova in 1977) in 2003. Kamaliya won Mrs. World title in 2008. She is involved in charitable work in both Ukraine and Pakistan. The couple lives in a mansion designed to resemble Dubai’s hotel Burj al-Arab in the suburbs of Kyiv.

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