Pope Francis, Jews and poor Jesus


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Pope Francis in an open letter published by Rome’s newspaper La Repubblica on September 11, 2013, has claimed: “Christians have rediscovered that the Jewish people are the holy root from which Jesus germinated“.

In June 2013, Francis met a 30 Jewish leaders from the International Jewish Committee. He assured them that due to their “common roots”, a Christian cannot be antisemitic. However, Vatican Radio, while relaying Francis’ address to the Jewish delegate, did not mention the Jewish leaders also promised not to insult or make fun of Jesus or Christians.

It’s amazing how could the leader of 1.1 billion Catholics be so ignorant of the fact that the 30 Jewish leaders he was buttering – none of them could have a “semite” family roots. Last year, a Jewish medical researcher Eran Elhaik claimed that the DNA tests show that European Jews are NOT Semite.

The pope, who has close ties with pro-Israel Jewish Lobby from his time as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, says that “Jews serve as an example for Christians”.

Francis’ claim of Jewish-Christian “common roots” has no historical background. The word “Jews” was coined in the 18th century by the Jesuit mafia to hasten the second-coming of Jesus. According to Jewish historian, Benjamin Freedman, Jesus was not a Jew.

Even if one take Francis’ claim on its face value, can he explains this skit from Sarah Silverstein comedy show. Or this from the new Jewish movie ‘InAPPropriate Comedy’ featuring Jewish ‘comedian’ Ari Shaffir, aka the Amazing Racist, asking Jews to sign a petition for killing Jesus. Watch the skit below.

This is how Jewish writer Marcus Eli Ravage described Jesus.

“Jesus of Nazareth was, like his predecessors, a political agitator engaged in liberating his country from the foreign oppressor. There is even considerable evidence that he entertained an ambition to become king of an independent Judea. He claimed, or his biographers later claimed for him, descent from the ancient royal line of David. But his paternity is somewhat confused. The same writers who traced the origin of his mother’s husband back to the psalmist-king also pictured Jesus as the son of Jehovah, and admitted that Joseph was not his father”.

And this is how Ravage described Christianity; “It seems, however, that Jesus before long realized the hopelessness of his political mission and turned his oratorical gifts and his great popularity with the masses in quite another direction. He began preaching a primitive form of populism, socialism and pacifism. The effect of this change in his program was to gain him the hostility of the substantial, propertied classes, the priests and patriots generally, and to reduce his following to the poor, the laboring mass and the slaves.”

Here is the blessed story of prophet Isa (Jesus) from Islamic narrative.

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