Joint Radio Interview with Peter Joseph, Ben Stewart and Roger Stahl


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Original Air Date: February 20, 2011
Peter Joseph, Ben Stewart and Roger Stahl interview!

On this edition of V-RADIO we will have an all star cast including Peter Joseph, filmmaker of the Zeitgeist films, Ben Stewart of Kymatica and Esoteric Agenda, and Roger Stahl of Militainment Inc. who is also working on a new documentary "Returning Fire: Interventions into War Game Culture". The three gentlemen are going to talk about their experiences with internet based independent film making, and it's importance for reaching the masses with alternative media. Thank you to everyone who has supported V-RADIO! Disclaimer: The views of the individual film makers are not necessarily shared by the other film makers featured in this broadcast.

The audio file is 27 Mb and free to download. Links are provided on the web page but here they are, anyway:



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