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Israel’s foreign ministry has lodged a protest with Argentinian ambassador in Tel Aviv, showing country’s outrage over Argentina’s Jewish foreign minister Hector Timerman for agreeing with Iranian foreign minister Ali Akbar Salehi to establish a joint “truth commission” to examine the 1994 bombing of the Jewish Community Center (AMIA) in Buenos Aires and 1992 bombing at Israeli Embassy building.

On January 30, 2013, former Assisstant Secretary of State for South America, Roger Noriega, currently a senior fellow at pro-Israel Jewish advocacy group, ‘Inter-American Security Watch’, also blasted Argentinian President Christina Kirchner over the said agreement. “It’s bad enough that the US national security establishment is ignoring the Iran-Hizballah threats in the America. Now, Argentina’s President Christina Kirchner has made matters worse by agreeing to help Iran whitewash its terrorist legacy,” wrote the paranoid Zionist.

The Zionist regime is mad because Argentinian government did not consult with it before inking the said agreement with Tehran.

The Israeli and American Jewish lobby reaction to the probe clearly shows that they’re scared the “truth commission” may digout the real criminals (Mossad) behind the bombing.

It’s interesting to note that the very first day of the Jewish Center (AMIA) bombing in Buenos Aires on July 1994, which resulted in the death of 85 people, the Zionist owned mainstream media blamed Iran and Hizb’Allah – in order to cover the long histroy of false-flag operations by Israeli Mossad - and as expected, a team of Israeli investigators arrived in Buenos Aires the very next day to remove any possible lead to Israel.

Tehran denied the Zionist allegations and later the presiding judge, Galeono, was dismissed for taking bribe from Mossad and fabricating evidence against the Iranian diplomat Soleimanpour. A British court refused to order the extradiction of the Iranian diplomat. The corrupt judge had blamed five Iranians including the current Iranian defense minister Ahmad Vahidi.

In September 2012, Iranian president Dr. Ahmadinejad during his speech at UN General Assembly, said that his country is interested in strengthening relations with all South American nations including Argentina. “We have great respect for the people of Argentina,” while adding that explosions at the Israeli embassy and AMIA were works of the enemies of Iran. Argentina’s envoy at the UN, to great shock to Israel and United States, did not join US, Israel, Canada, Germany, France and several other European nations in boycotting Ahmadinejad’s speech.

The said agreement calls for the appointment of five foreign experts, none of them will be from Iran or Argentina. These experts will be free to investigate the suspects in the respective countries. As result, the pro-Israel lobby has blamed Kirchner govenment for cave-in to Tehran for financial benefits. However, this Zionist lie has been rejected by prosecutor Alberto Nisman.

The US-Israel are furious over the failure of the crippling sanction against Iran in Latin America – lead by Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina. Venezuela and Brazil are Iran’s largest trade partners in Latin America. Their trade trippled during last year to over $10 billion.

Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizballah is the only Arab military which defeated Israel in 2006 (Asia Times, October 12, 2006).

Israel outraged at Iran-Argentina joint ‘Truth Commission’ | Rehmat's World