Jonathan Reed Alien & ufo encounter revisited

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The "woods" footage:

The "home" footage:

Lots of Evidence

Lecture in 2000 at IUFOC
Part 1 of 19 (Watch all parts)

2001 Interview with OdiseaLink and Jaime Maussan
Part 1 of 12 (Watch all parts)

Update in 2002 on the DNA analysis and E.T. device.
Part 1 of 12 (Watch all parts)

2004 Interview with OutThereTv
Part 1 of 4 (Watch all Parts)

Update in 2009
Part 1 of 4 (Watch all parts)

Letter to Dr Reed from Russian Cosmonaut

Many more videos of analysis and interviews

Enjoy one of the most extraordinary ufo & alien encounters of all times.