[Update!] Jonathan Kleck - Mystery Babylon and the key to escaping it - FREE DVD


This look like a great DVD with some great information:

To get you free "Mystery Babylon and the key to escaping it" DVD send a prepaid self addressed stamped envelop which will hold 2 SLIM DVDs to this address:

Jonathan Kleck
PO Box 91281
San Antonio Texas 78209

His website is:



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Great stuff. Glad he offers for free. That's the way it should be. Really, if you really truly want the information spread and want everyone to know what you know, then it SHOULD be free.


Yes he has downloadable versions on his site.
If you go here:
Welcome to the Official Site of Jonathan Kleck

Scroll to the middle of the page, he has downloadable DVDs ISO images, so you will have the capability and know how to burn DVDRs. If you don't most people know someone who can help them burn a DVD I am sure, so ask a friend!