Netanyahu wants Kerry to free traitor Pollard


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I know what America is,” Benjamin Netanyahu assured a group of Israelis in 2001, apparently not knowing his words were being recorded. “America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction.”

On July 22, 2013, the Jerusalem Post reported that Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked US secretary of State John Kerry to release the convicted Jewish traitor Jonathan Pollard ahead of the so-called Israel-PA peace talks, expected to be held soon. Netanyahu demanded the release in exchange of some 103 Palestinian civilians held in Israeli jails without trails for decades. Washington, reportedly, has rejected the demand but said it will be taken into consideration.

John Kerry expects that such move on part of the Zionist regime will boost PA president Mahmoud Abbas’ sagging popularity – while strengthening Netanyahu’s position against the pro-settlers cabinet ministers, who are against any new negotiations with Palestinians.

Both Netanyahu and Israeli president Shimon Peres during several meetings at the White House in the last four years, urged Barack Obama to pardon Jonathan Pollard, who is serving a life sentence in United States. Until now, Obama has resisted the Zionist blackmails and stated that Pollard will receive a fair hearing in front of a parole committee review set to take place later this year.

Pollard, a Zionist Jewish American, pleaded guilty in 1987 to passing classified information, especially about Iran, to Israel while working as an US naval intelligence analyst.

Pollard is lucky for not given an electric chair for treason as result of United States becoming an Israeli colony. In the good-old days, the US executed Jewish couple, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg in 1953 for passing US classified information on US nuclear program to Moscow.

On July 15, 2013, a group of America’s Reformed and Conservative rabbis, lead by Rabbi Pesach Lerner, visited Pollard at the North Carolina prison. After two-hour meeting with Pollard, the rabbis renewed their call for Barack Obama to immediately commute Pollard’s sentence and release him from prison.

The Reform and Conservative Jewish communities have a close and influential relationship with Barack Obama and are in a position to articulate to the president, the concern for Jonathan that all of world Jewry feels. We pray that with their help and support, Jonathan can be home for his birthday August 7, ” said Pollard’s wife Esther.

Professor Martin H. Peretz (Harvard), a Zionist Jew, and former owner of The New Republic, wrote in the Wall Street Journal (June 25, 2012) that “There is no end in sight for the campaign to persuade President Obama to let convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard go free. There is no doubt about his guilt, no illusion of his innocence. And he did not spy for Zion out of idealistic motives. In fact before he decided to deliver reams of sensitive intelligence and defence documents to Israel’s security apparatus, he was negotiating with Pakistan. Still, there are folks in the American Jewish community and Israel who cannot let go their image of Pollard as a man of virtue and bravery. Hence the stubborn unrest – on his behalf.”

Rear Admiral Sumner Shapiro (died 2006), who hired Jonathan Pollard – as a Jew himself, was sharply critical of Jewish groups lobbying for Pollard’s release. “Whether it was Pollard’s initiative or the Israelis,” he said, “the idea that an American Jew would spy for anyone bothers the hell out of me. It put all Jews in a position of trust like that under a cloud – to have Jewish organizations line up behind this guy and try to make him out a hero to the Jewish people, it bothers the hell out of me.“

And finally on Jews holding ‘duel citizenship’ and working as Israeli “sayanim” – Jacob Blaustein, late president of American Jewish Congress (1949-53), in a speech in Baltimore, rejected the claims Israel was making upon American Jews and Jewish residents of other countries. He declared: “We made it plain that American Jews would continue to give their whole allegiance to this country; and to no other, and the same thing would apply to Jews residing in other countries, with respect to their countries. From that position we have never receded … We did not consider then, nor do we now, that Palestine is the only place to which these unfortunates should go; nor did we consider — as the extreme, political Zionists insisted that the solution lie in an immediate Jewish state of the whole of Palestine. That would have meant that a minority of 600,000 Jews ruling a majority of 1,200,000 Arabs. That would have been undemocratic and, in addition, in our opinion, was unrealistic.”