Keyhole & Arrow (Pyramid & Eye) Crop Circle Decoded?


Truth feeder
05-25-2010 04:33 AM

'I would say due to the alchemical/symbolic nature of the crop circle I would say the "sh*t is going to hit the fan" around August 6th...Maybe.** I'll explain the date further down.* The keyhole crop circle may be inferring the merging of the energetic principles of Isis and Osiris, which is also confirmed by the circumpunct crop circle in the same field.**

The Yod (finger of God) being the*energetic male aspect of Osiris, the circle, the*ovum or egg of Isis indicated by the circle aspect. *The circumpunct (in the same paddock) is an ancient symbol depicting the conjunction of Sirius A and our Sun during the dog days.'

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