Khat ban and the ‘civilized West’


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“It’s very difficult to understand why this stuff’s against the law. I read everything I can get my hands on about it and find it difficult to be persuaded of anything other than what I was told by a federal Crown attorney when I had my first case, which was: ‘We think this is almost as dangerous as coffee,” Justice Elliott Allen of Ontario Court said in a 2011 ruling.

Khat, a mild herbal stimulant, was banned by British Home Secretary Theresa May last week. The sale of Khat is already banned in the United States, Netherlands and Canada.

Stephen Williams, the MP for Bristol West has called Theresa May’s decision as “waste of time and money”.

These so-called ‘civilized western nations’ are not willing to ban alcohol or cigarette smoking which kill more people in these countries than wars each year. Each year, about 443,000 Americans die from illnesses related to tobacco use. According to a 2012 Global Burden of Disease Study, tobacco use is the second biggest danger, and alcohol use third. Among young people, aged between 15 and 49, a drinking habit is the most likely cause of disability and an early grave.

The reasons for the West’s double standards – Tabacco and alcohol not only generate billions of dollars in revenue, but they’re also Jewish, according to Rev. Ted Pike, August 1, 2012.

Khat is mostly used by African and Yemeni diaspora. The UK’s Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) review of khat earlier this year insisted that the situation did not call for prohibition.

Last year, Israeli daily Ha’aretz (May 23, 2012) reported that though the observant Jews, who normally abstain from consuming alcohol, marijuana and other drugs – love Khat juice which contains cathinone, an amphetamine-like alkaloid. “A glass of Khat juice sells for about $6 and youth are said to be visiting in bus loads,” reported Ha’aretz.

Kenya is world’s largest producer of Khat. It employees 500,000 farmers and dealers. The country’s Khat export is worth over $160 million a year. British ban will jack the price of the stuff and will make smugglers and criminals very happy – while punish the law-abiding African immigrants. Britain imports 60 tons of Khat per week.

In May 2012, 500 police, together with agents from America’s Homeland Security raided houses in London, Coventry and Cardiff. They arrested seven African immigrants suspected of using Khat trade to fund resistance groups in Somalia and other African countries which are fighting the US and other colonialists.

For centuries, Khat , the fresh young leaves of the Catha adults shrub, have been consumed where the plant is cultivated, primarly in East Africa and Arabian Penisula. There chewing Khat predates the use of tobacco and alcohol in social context

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