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Kent State University (KSU) history professor Julio Cesar Pino has irked the Jewish Lobby once again by shouting ‘Death to Israel’ last week. The incident happened during KSU campus meeting addressed by a former Israeli diplomat Ishmael Khaldi at San Francisco Israeli consulate. Ishmael Khaldi dedicated his speech to the Muslim East politics and how Bedouin like him has a bright future in Israel.

During Q&A period – professor Pino asked Khaldi how the Israeli government could justify providing aid to countries like Turkey – to which Israel recently sent earthquake aid with “blood money” from the deaths of Palestinian children. After briefly arguing with Khaldi, Pino left the auditorium shouting “Death to Israel.”

Israel has donated five fabricated homes. Iran has donated three cargos of tents, blankets, food package, water bottles, blood, medicines and gasoline. In addition Iran has set-up two relief camps.

Under Jewish Lobby pressure, KSU President Lester Lefton, has distant himself and the University staff from Pino’s outburst but acknowledged Pino’s right of freedom of speech. He said he believed it as Pino’s right to pose a provocative question to Khaldi, but that while it was also Pino’s right to shout invective against Israel, “it is my obligation, as the president of this university, to say that I find his words deplorable, and his behavior deeply troubling.”

The Cuban-born Julio Cesar Poni, recieved his PhD from University of California. He has been teaching Latin American and Muslim world history since 1992 at the KSU. Dr. Poni is no stranger to Israel Lobby’s smear campaign against him for his anti-Zionist entity views. As a Muslim convert – Dr. Poni was against US war in Afghanistan and Iraq. On several occasions, Jewish organizations have called KSU to fire Dr. Poni. However, he have survived at the KSU for campus’ strict commitment to freedom of speech. KSU has become a guiding light for other campuses especially University of California, Irvine. Ten Muslim students from UC Irvine have been convicted for challenging Israeli ambassador Michael Oren’s hasbara lies about Palestine, Lebanon and Iran.

Last year, David Green, an academic at University of Illinois was honored with the title of ‘Jihadist’ for questioning official 9/11 and Holocaust story.

“The vast majority of 9/11 observances in this country cannot be seen as politically neutral events. Implicit in their nature are the notions that lives lost at the World Trade Center are more valuable than lives lost in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and elsewhere; that the motives of the 9/11 attackers had nothing to do with genuine grievances in the Islamic world regarding American imperialism; and that the U.S. has been justified in the subsequent killing of hundreds of thousands in so-called retaliation,” column by David Green in the Illinois student paper.

Israel with the help of its 50 pro-Israel Jewish groups – not only controls the US politically and economically but maintains a powerful lobby presence at various US, Canadian and European university and college campuses. Here, too, the criticism of Israel is equated as criticism of Jews (anti-Semitism). A Jewish professor Joel Beinin (Stanford University) in an article published in the San Francisco Chronicle, entitled ‘Silencing Critics Not Way to Middle East Peace’, wrote:

“Why discredit, defame and silence those with opposing viewpoints? I believe it is because the Zionist lobby knows it cannot win based on facts. An honest discussion can only lead to one conclusion: The status quo in which Israel declares it alone has rights and intends to impose its will on the weaker Palestinians, stripping them permanently of their land, resources and rights, cannot lead to a lasting peace. We need an open debate and the freedom to discuss uncomfortable facts and explore the full range of policy options. Only then can we adopt a foreign policy that serves American interests and one that could actually bring a just peace to Palestinians and Israelis”.

Many Universities in the US have a long history of sanctioning academic and students, for holding debates critical to the Zionist entity, Zionism or even Zionist Jews. Some of victims of powerful Jewish Lobby include professor Norman Finkelstein, professor William I. Robinson (University of California – ADL charging his e-mail criticizing Israeli attacks on Gaza, Dec-Jan 2009 – as ‘anti-Semitism’), professor Joel Kovel (fired from Bard College for authoring the book ‘Overcoming Zionism’) and professor Tariq Ramadan (banned from joining Notre Dame University in 2004 and now fired by Dutch University for hosting a religious show at Iranian Press TV).

Most people believe that character assassination of critics of Israel, Zionism or Jews is carried out by pro-Israel Jews and Christians. However, there are a lot of so-called ‘anti-Zionist’ Jewish groups (Jews San Frontieres, Friends of Palestine, etc.) posing as anti-Israel but in fact working as fifth column within anti-Zionism movement. Nahida Izzat, an uprooted Palestinian blogger is object of character assassination by such groups for posting an article entitled The Spider’s Web on her blog on May 25, 2011. She has posted some of my blog articles along with articles written by Gilad Atzmon, Stephen Lendman, Alan Hart and many others. Nahida’s response to Jewish smear campaign against her, entitled ‘Did The Age Of Enlightment Never Occur?‘ was published by Gilad Atzmon and can be read here. These groups are as much Jewish supremacists as Benji Netanyahu or Rabbi Ovadia Yosef.

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