Light Streamings: September 2011 ~ The Great Flip
by Carol Fitzpatrick

I have come to call this time in my life the shift-point, not because life is happening in big ways (it is) but because the energy of the higher dimensional realms is becoming more anchored here on earth, right now.

There are many people who will tell you that there is no such thing as life on other planets. I understand how scary this can be. We each have our dreams and desires fulfilled by angels who are always on the ready but to say that these angels have homes of their own is not something we even want to think about.

I cannot understand why it is so difficult to remember. The light within us is a mere reflection of what guides us. We are loved beyond our human comprehension because we are that, an inseparable part of universal intelligence that is ecstatic and electrical in nature.

The God of all is also the source of all. We are moving through the great time of the transition where we recognize that we are not alone but are helped by many light beings, and entire star races that have come here time and time again to seed light on the planet.

The star races have come here so often they have become us, and we have become a part of them. Many of us remember lives on other planets but have suppressed the memories. These memories show up in our collective consciousness and pour forth as dreamings, movies, or myths that are played back to us so that we can pretend that we are surprised and delighted by such fantasies.

The space era pictures and dreamings of another time and another life has arrived and we are in that time when we are to remember who we are. This does not change how we think or how we feel about being human, but just provides us with a bit of hindsight or foresight about what was and what comes next.

There have been many times in human history where the species took a great and disconnected leap. We are about to enter into one of those grand leaps where upon reflection, we will realize that our ability to adapt to the sea risings, thinning atmospheres and the quickly changing rotational spin of the earth was a thing of natural beauty and wonder, when in fact, it was an intervention of sorts, a well thought-out plan to rescue a dying species.

The change in climate of compassionate love without condition is fast approaching as children born today are remembering their other times of life with great accuracy. They are coming in with wild imaginings and greater gifts than ever before.

We are the generation of light that is to awaken the others, then simply allow ourselves the pleasure of being guided by an inner light that is magnificant.

We have long ago cut ourselves off from our higher awareness way of creating and stopped fine-tuning our sensitivity to the stars. Now, we are in the great time of returning to our roots. We are deeply listening to what lies within us. We are listening to the guidance through the cosmic grid that continues to feed us volumes of information yet to be fully decoded, and we are learning that we are not meant to live this life out alone because we are surrounded by much inter-dimensional help and assistance as we begin to make this exponential leap in consciousness.

The human race is deeply embedded in compassion. The light being within us is hardwired for unconditional love. And gratitude is what grows this feeling into a united whole of what it truly means to be human. What a dynamic union of two frequencies of light adjoining in oneness. Now that's evolution of global consciousness at its finest.

In Grace,
Carol Fitzpatrick

The Energy Patterns of the Shift Point: Forgiveness leads to Self Acceptance

There are many different patterns that I could tune into and of late, the most powerful one is self acceptance, which
the pattern that is on the verge of playing out on a global scale.

This is a difficult one to transcend because it requires us to practice forgiveness, which requires us to look deeply inside and realize that we are the cause of all our pain, no one else, then fully surrender all that anguish to love. We are powerful beings of light who make choice everyday. To say that someone else is responsible for or is the cause of our pain is only delaying the inevitable reality of self-empowerment.

For those of us who are fully vested in or wallowing in our human drama, it is not easy to create such a shift but shift we must.

I am learning that this game of global ascension is a deeply personal one. As we drop the veil or the mask of self-hatred and stop avoiding the inevitable, we are finding ourselves in very vulnerable states of being. Yet life opens up and reveals a greater truth, and shows us the way out of the mental or emotional (or perhaps even physical) box that we might have painted ourselves into.

This is the time to get out of our minds and to re-balance our sense of self with the land. It's time for balance and harmony to be restored in a very big way.

To understand this stance more fully, we have only to look to the land masses. They are shifting now. The weather patterns are becoming more dramatic and that is to be expected as the inter-galactic terrain causes electromagnetic disturbances to the earth's atmosphere.

We can say that we have caused all of this but that is not accurate at all. We have influenced the acceleration of the more dramatic changes but are not in danger of ruining the planet. She is well on her way to re-balancing herself without our assistance.

The rolling thunder of the earth, earthquakes, between now and the next few years will have us second guessing where we are to live and how we are to create in a way that saves us from jumping off a high bridge from fright.

There are many decoys in this game of change but we are to be very still and as we do, we will be guided toward the role and the behavior that best suits us.

Many of us are guided to create particular wave patterns in specific geographical locations. It's like a synchronized ballet. What a thing of beauty and harmony if we are listening. Live your life to the fullest is the advice I would give but do so with an open heart so that you can truly move about as you are guided.

We have been given the most beautiful gift of all: the gift of joyous creation. We have only to decide to listen and there we shall be playing joyfully with our light brothers and sisters and intending that our own special brand of unconditional love be amplified from where ever we are. It doesn't get more magical than that.

If I were to say that we are in the great time of the transition, and earth has begun her drum roll, you might say, "oh how wonderful." But if I were to tell you that you were to deeply listen so that you can be in the right place at the right time, you can only imagine it is because you are so loved, honored and needed to be in that right place at that right time.

Now, more than ever before is the time to love and honor yourself as the divine being of light that you are, and as you do, know that all is well.

The Waves of Change

The energy patterns of the planet are stepped up and tectonic plates are shifting. They are edging their way into the time of the great quickening but for now the earth is seeking a new center, a new common ground. In North America, the shift point has just occurred. The roll of thunder (the 5.6 earthquake that occurred a few weeks ago) was to have begun with the earth shift on the eastern side of the continent. That shift would signal the more dramatic changes (now occurring) on the western edge of the Americas. We'll see two more waves before the intensity increases. After that, the earth shift will flow from the west coast into the tail of the dragon (terror that strikes in a person's heart when change is imminent) in the North Carolina/Tennessee mountain range. That will begin the forth and fifth waves which will affect the landmasses to the north and south of the eastern seaboard.

Waves of change will also begin along the gulf coast as we see the waters edge up toward the Carolinas. It is the wave of consciousness shift that will bring about the greatest transformation in our human family. Many people shall resist the change, and that is okay.

Between now and 2017, many of us are feeling this as a great time of preparation where increasing numbers of souls, both in the physical and non-physical will choose to go home. The portal that opens up this month with all our focus and attention on the west coast allows for this to occur.

Mid-September promises to be some of the most powerfully magnetic days of your life if you are willing to allow yourself to go there. Forgiveness is the ticket into the energy stream. Our collective ability to move the wave pattern away from anger and resentment by totally aligning with acceptance of self and others will be the cause of the great inversion, or flip, in the global pattern that will change absolutely everything.

By as early as mid- to late-October, we will see the dramatic affects on our physical environments begin to unfold from what occurs in September.

All this focus on earth changes is only opening the door for a greater shift in consciousness and sends a signal to most that life must change, and there is no buying our way out--only love and honor of one another will do.

By 2024, the structures that support sustainable living will be fully in place. They will be positioned in energetically significant locations on every major continent, and by that time we will know that we are ready for what comes next. Many will see this day coming long before it occurs and many will feign surprise. It does not matter. What matters now is where you are and how deeply you are willing to listen to your heart. As you do, you will feel the love, and joyousness there to greet you.

Carol Fitzpatrick

Carol Fitzpatrick is an avid spiriitual activist. She uses her gift to help others understand what is beyond the fives senses; to help people to see clearer pictures of their lives, and to understand what role they have chosen to play in service to humanity at this critical time. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. It is her role as a translator for the Guides, angels and other light beings who are here to share their wisdom that brings her the greatest joy in service to others.

Carol resides in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and is the mother of two grown children.