The Colleen Thomas 'Galactic Federation of Light Contactee' Case

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Does anyone know who alleged 'galactic federation of light' contactee Colleen Thomas is? If not, here is some highlights:

  1. Colleen Thomas says the Pleiadians and the Andromedans are demons. and that Jesus is Lord.
  2. She was mainly the only contactee the mainstream media give any attention to.
  3. She may have been used to smear the truth.
  4. She also sold nude photos of herself as well as had a 'nude tour bus guide' people could pay to ride.

I propose it was the US government that was really in contact with her, using some kind of mind control.

Colleen is about 38 minutes in.

Published on 14 Mar 2012

Colleen Thomas Reveals Lies of the Ashtar Command GFOL

Colleen Thomas, ex-Pleiadian Contactee, will be joining the Tribulation-Now radio show to reveal that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to God the Father, and the "ALIENS" are "fallen-angel DEMONS that are here on earth / "coming to earth" to destroy humanity pawning themselves off as fake "saviors".

Join Kenneth, John and Cathy in the chat room, while we welcome Colleen to the show. She has realized that these "entities" have been lying to her, and they are IN FACT part of a demonic Luciferian deception and wants to WARN THE WORLD ....


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