[Must Read!] Major Big brother "supercomputer"r alive and welcomed by Mayor Bloomberg in NYC


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Major Big brother "supercomputer" alive and welcomed by Mayor Bloomberg in NYC

Where will this all end? Nothing good, I'm sure. Any guesses? An out of control billionaire in charge of millions of people, in everybodies business elling people who pay these officials big state taxes, I'm sure to tell them how to eat, what to drink. Now what'll they tell them to do with the supercomputer? When they say jump, I guess New York's citizens will ask How high? Scary times.

NYPD unveils new $40 million super computer system that uses data from network of cameras, license plate readers and crime reports - NY Daily News

by Rocco Parascandola and Tina Moore/New York Daily News

Domain Awareness System is a joint venture between city and Microsoft. Commissioner Ray Kelly says system is able to access information through live video feeds and allow cops to get reading on radioactive substances

The NYPD is starting to look like a flashy, forensic crime TV show thanks to a new super computer system unveiled Wednesday near Wall St.“We’re not your mom and pop police department anymore,” Mayor Bloomberg crowed. “We are in the next century. We are leading the pack.”

The system, which cost somewhere between $30 and $40 million to develop, could also help pay for itself with the city expecting to earn 30% of the profits on Microsoft sales to other city’s and countries, Bloomberg said.
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If we were to simplify our laws, things like this would not be necessary. Criminalizing things that do not need to be criminalized burdens the legal system to a point where we search for technologies to alleviate the load.
I agree. Some of these petty "crimes" should be legalized. The whole system is screwed up.

One day last week there was a story on the local station about a 16 year old kid who "accidently" shot (in the back) another kid on a bike. He got charged with manslaughter and could've faced 30 years in prison. The judge felt sorry for him and thought he needed a second chance, reduced the sentence to accidental death for the kid and gave him 15 years.

I felt sorry for the dead boys family. No reasonable justice system anymore. (How do you accidently shoot someone riding on a bike in the back?) Heart maybe, head, maybe. Oh, well that's the kind of justice we have.
See that's where you have to get into the Magna Carta, and all the Magna Carta basically says there is only law is:

"you will not cause LOSS"

Or Robert Menard's way:
"There are only three ways to break the law: harm another human being, damage someone else's property, use fraud or mischief in your contracts"

So if you really think about it, this pretty much covers everything:

damaged property
physical body damage

These are the laws we really only need, everything else is a waste of resources and time, and is obviously made to serve some other purpose.
I agree with you 100% simplicity is the best, and everything else is another scheme to make the lawmaker some money. More then what they're supposed to get constitutionally anyway.