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NSA releases ultra-secret file regarding effort to decode decades-old alien signals

26th November 2011

Scientists determined that mysterious signals received in 1957 were transmitted to Earth from an advanced alien civilization. Decades have passed while security analysts and dedicated cryptographers struggled to decipher the enigmatic messages from a completely unknown, distant alien culture.


Now, in 2011, the National Security Agency—one of the United States' most secret intelligence gathering organizations—has released under protest (forced by order of a U.S. Federal Court judge) stunning information about intelligent life in the universe.

But as usual, the non-curious, inept, doltish mainstream media completely ignores it.


NSA briefings are mostly held in secret

NSA analysts marvel at strange messages

Twenty-nine lengthy transmissions were received and verified as being "of extraterrestrial origin." According to some in the intelligence community, this hot potato was given the highest priority and assigned to "goggle-eyed geeks" tasked to find out exactly what the enigmatic transmissions said.


NSA supercomputers worked on alien code

Speculation among some of the NSA spooks about what the mysterious messages said allegedly ran the gambit from sarcastic guesses they were just some garbled alien radio commercials (an inside joke that drew nervous laughter from some of the analysts) to those that were convinced the messages—coded in some unknown mathematical progression—conveyed the basics of unlimited energy, star travel, or even time travel.

Allegedly, those that subscribe to the latter theories have absolutely nothing to support their belief.


SETI's Arecibo telescope—attempts to intercept alien signals failed

NSA forms crack teams

According to researchers who have analyzed the document [available for your inspection as a downloadable PDF at the end of this article] an NSA specialist named Dr. Howard Campaigne was given the responsibility of choosing a cryptology team to work on cracking the alien messages.


Inside a supersecret NSA communications room

The task was compartmentalized and many who worked at the NSA had no idea that such a project—or even the messages the team focused upon—existed.

The entire project was strictly enforced by secrecy and conducted under the auspices of the Official Secrets Act and all participants took National Security oaths.

Only those deemed crucial to the success of the undertaking were allowed access to the secret under the provisions of a well-defined need-to-know heirarchy.

71085-NSA Inside.jpg

What message did the aliens send? NSA isn't saying

Private researchers stumble upon 'Great Secret'

The project allegedly had been in the works for decades when some in the UFO community who were bombarding government agencies and the United States Air Force with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests about UFO sightings and activities stumbled across a potential bombshell.

Although many of the documents they received were heavily redacted with page after page blacked out, several separate documents that were released from the NSA contained snippets of information—clues—that some sort of alien message had been intercepted during the late 1950s.

The investigations struck paydirt when an obscure reference to an internal report (NSA Technical Journal Vol. XIV No. 1) about a cryptology team tasked to decode messages obtained from outer space (meaning from outside the solar system) was discovered.

NSA fights release of supersecret ET documents

After several years of intense effort to dislodge the now identified report from the NSA, the explosive document was reluctantly downgraded from one of the highest secret classifications to an unclassified status and scheduled for an October 21, 2004 release to the public.

The date came and went without the document being released.


A federal court judge ordered NSA to release the document

Tenacious lawsuit wrenches massive secret from NSA vaults

Eventually, Peter Gersten, a lawyer from Arizona, sued the intelligence agency demanding its release—along with other documents—under the auspices of a strict interpretation of the FOIA law. The case dragged on until a federal judge found in favor of the plaintiffs and ordered the NSA to release the documents.

Release of NSA Technical Journal Vol. XIV No. 1

Quietly, under court order, the NSA released the section of NSA Technical Journal Vol. XIV No. 1 stipulated by the judge. The agency tucked it away in an obscure corner of their Internet site.

The document concerning the extraterrestrial contact contained only one of an unknown number of other reports/articles written by the team working for Dr. Campaigne. The FOIA document was incomplete: only pages 13 through 23 were released with some slight redaction. All other pages were missing. No other reports were included, although the pages released clearly refer to other articles written by the team describing their efforts to break the alien code.

This release may well be the smoking gun that researchers have searched for during the last 50 years. It sheds a very strong light into the darkest corners of the U.S. intelligence community's massive coverup of UFOs, ETs and other unworldly events.

The title of NSA Technical Journal Vol. XIV No. 1 report is a bombshell: Key To The Extraterrestrial Messages.

NSA - Copy.jpg

It's unambiguous to say the least. If the NSA's own authentic document, meant "for your eyes only" internal distribution is to be believed, alien intelligences not only exist, they contacted us more than five decades ago.

That means they know we're here.

1_529px-Laser_Towards_Milky_Ways_Centre_ESO-Yuri Beletsky.jpg

Is two-way contact wise? Hawking says no

Famed physicist Stephen Hawing remarked in 2010 that if an extraterrestrial race ever discovers us it might not be a good thing. It could spell the end of the human race.

The word is most of the alien messages have still not been translated. If they ever are let's hope the full message does not turn out to be like that famous episode of the classic Twilight Zone television series, "To Serve Man" about aliens arriving on Earth.

In that chilling story, U.N. translators that translated the alien's language discovered the book the ETs always carried with them was a cookbook.


NSA PDF document [NSA Technical Journal Vol. XIV No. 1]

NSA Document Admits ET Contact