Mary Magdalene: Relaxing Beyond Fear Through Mercedes Kirkel December 12, 2011


December 12, 2011

Hello Beloved Ones,

This is Mary Magdalene and I am so happy to be with you again. I have been asked on behalf of many higher beings to come and to communicate with you, and I am so happy to do so.

This is a beautiful time and many of you are feeling the shifts within yourself. It is true and you need not doubt it—you are changing. You can see the changes every day in the way that you are relating differently to yourself, to others, to the world. This is exactly how the process happens, and over time you will start to notice your world changing. It is not that your world changes on the outside and you stand there and notice it, kind of like watching the news. That’s not the way it happens. It happens because you change and as you change, your world changes. I don’t know how I can say it more clearly than that, but what some of you are expecting is probably not going to happen. That is the third dimension view of how change happens, thinking that it happens on the outside. But nothing happens on the outside. You ultimately will find out there is no such thing as “outside” (laughter). It is all consciousness and you are creating all of this.

So you are seeing the changes within yourself. You might look at it as your inner clothing, your closest skin to consciousness, and this is where you first observe the changes. So you watch yourself and you go, “Oh, isn’t that interesting. I wasn’t like that last week. I wasn’t like that last month. But it feels so natural now. I’m different.” More and more you will start to see this. You will start to see how you are new and different. You will enjoy it. You will like the way you are. This is a very wonderful change. It’s like having a birthday party when you’re a young child. You should have balloons and streamers and those little things you blow that unravel and make noise (laughter) because this is a celebration. This is a wonderful thing. And you can feel that celebration within yourself. Even if you are quiet, even if you are peaceful, even if you don’t speak to anyone about this or show it on the outside—you can feel it within. And that is where the change begins.

As this change becomes larger, deeper, stronger, more founded, more stable you will notice that your world starts to change. And it is not a harsh, sudden, shocking change. It’s a very seamless change. It’s like your life is a movie and the movie just starts to change—the script changes, the reels change, and it’s a different movie, very gradually, very seamlessly. And in a very easeful way, a very pleasurable way you will start to see your world change. That is how it will happen. You could say it’s an inside job (laughter), and there is great truth in that.

I am here to support you. I know you have all been given a great deal of guidance and instruction. All of you have heard different parts. Some of you have heard most all of it. For some of you, different pieces are still new. I am not exactly sure what would be most beneficial for you at this time to hear that would help you.

I want to reinforce the concept of relaxing, because this is a natural change. This is something that you can apply yourself to, and it is beneficial for you to do that. And yet, it is not something that you need to struggle at, to work at with a lot of effort and determination or will power. It’s not exactly like that. It is an organic process that is happening. In truth, you have gone through this process before. You simply do not remember at this time.

You all know what to do. You are, in some ways, more than anything letting go. It is like a tree in the fall letting go of its leaves. It may not know exactly what is coming in the wintertime, but it does not need to take a course to find out (laughter). It’s within the structure of the tree itself. It knows, and it allows and cooperates with the process. In most changes, the first step is letting go. Often that is the hardest step, especially at this stage of your development. Letting go can feel scary, and fear is one of the biggest issues in the third dimension that you are dealing with. Indeed, it is one of the biggest things that you need to let go of (laughter). But until you do so, letting go can feel like a very scary process.

So part of your practice is, to the extent that you are able, to the extent it is authentic for you, to relax into the process, to trust as much as you can. Perhaps go the edge of the level you’re able to trust at. So it is as much as you can, more than you might typically rest at as your default state of trust. Allow yourself to trust more, the way a tree trusts to let go of the green, to let the leaves turn brown in what seems like a death, but is not a death. The tree is not dying. It is going through a change, a process, a transformation that leads to a rebirth. And so are you at this time, without doubt.

The more that you can relax into it, and the more that you can relax into your fear … That is actually one of the keys. It is not about trying to not have fear, because what happens if you try to not have fear is that you end up avoiding it. It doesn’t go away. You’re the one who goes away. And it takes you away from your process that you so much need to be embracing, and merging with, and flowing with.

So it is not to tell yourself: I should have no fear. At some point that will be more true of you. And it may be more true of you now. You may already be experiencing that more and more, and that is wonderful. But if you are not, if you are having fear come up, do not tell yourself, “Oh, I shouldn’t be afraid. Oh, this is lower dimensional consciousness. I should try to go away from the fear.” Rather, embrace the fear as part of the process. Put your arms around it. Love it as yourself, for truly it is yourself, and to shun it, to try to separate yourself from it is only to reinforce separation. Fear is already separation, and the key to healing it is to hold it and love it.

If you are experiencing fear, love it the way you would love a young child who is afraid. Don’t tell it it’s not real, just as that would not be a kindness to tell a young child their reality isn’t real. Rather, say, “I understand you’re afraid. I am here with you. And I will hold you and love you, and we will go through this together. We will find a way. We will call on God, and God is here for us. God will help us.” Let that be your disposition as fear arises. Then it will be one more incident that will help you to grow in the disposition of trust, ultimately in the disposition of trusting God. As that becomes stronger and stronger for you, indeed, your experiences of fear will become fewer and fewer.

But there may be times in these transitions that seem fearful, that seem scary, where you feel fear. There also may be many other people who feel fear. Do not try to talk them out of that. Affirm that they feel afraid. Love them in their fear. You may not be able to change it—it is not your work to change anyone else. Your piece is to love them and to stay connected to your process. These are the most important guidelines at this time: to embrace what arises; to relax with the process; to work with any fear on your part that comes up through loving it, through turning to God in the midst of it, and merging, embracing it. Do not separate from it—this process has nothing to do with separation. And love those who are in fear, while not buying into the fear yourself. That is the key. Those may be some of the most scary circumstances that you deal with, where others are in fear. This may be one of your challenges that arise.

It is not written what is in the future. All of you are doing such an incredible job of bringing in light, of doing your own work and transforming yourself, which is transforming the matrix of your entire earth. It is wonderful what is happening. Your earth is getting brighter and brighter, more and more full of light. Do not doubt this. It does not matter what others think, whether it is being announced on the news or anything like that. Everyone has their own reality. But we in the higher dimensions have our own reality. What we see is most wondrous. We are so celebrating and so happy. We are so impressed with what all of you have done. Because of that we say, more than ever, the future is not written. There is no limit to what is possible. This transformation that is underway, which we see as unstoppable at this point, could be so gentle. It could be so peaceful and harmonious. It is a possibility. The work that you all are doing is more and more making that a reality.

We thank you so much. We love you. We support you. We are dancing with joy—we are so happy for you.

Blessings to you all,
I AM Mary Magdalene

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