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Real UFO News Freak UFOs Seen Orbiting The Sun in SOHO photos, June 26, 2011 UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: June 26, 2011

Location of sighting: Earth's Sun

Scientists around the world have made a request to NASA to reveal what the UFOs are that have been seen orbiting around the sun. Again and again NASA ignores to even acknowledge them.

Here we have a NASA/SOHO video that was taken of the sun on June 26, 2011. There are earth size UFOs flying around in orbit around the sun. These objects do no produce a tail, meaning they are not comets. They are not red or burning, meaning they are not planets. Then what could orbit the sun without burning up. Oh...perhaps alien technology that is millions or billions of years ahead of ours.

We don't need NASA to tell us aliens exist. UFO researchers around the globe work to prove it daily and if one UFO sighting is not enough try 1,000 a day is our estimate, of which only about 200 are reported and spread in so many languages and reported in such unusual ways...Facebook, Twitter, Digg, blogs, neighbors, UFO sites and such. Check out this video. Oh and NASA, we are winning.