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Well many of you know that I'm on public wi-fi.

Now it seems the public network I use is messing with the system. They had for radio type 802.11n since yesterday they have got radio type 802.11gn.

This is giving me problems, I have just a simple Acer Aspire and Window 7 starter edition operating system. 1gb memory and 512 cache (whatever all that means, actually) I do nothing like bill paying or anything that requires personal info. Now I'm getting a message on occassion about conflicting another computer having the same IP address as mine, and to contact my administrator (whoever that is). Well, I don't use google or bing as to search too nosy in my opinion. Now an icon is is appearing that will say network error when I click on it.

I can't afford ATT or Comcast for internet and they just raised the rent, amongst other things. I also can't afford a different newer computer, or any fancy attachments or anything like that. I don' even have a printer. Not enough electrical outlets or space for one. So, I will post when I can,and answer when I can. I am perplexed as to what is happening.

So, If I don't reply back right away please bear with me. .
Not a problem at all. You'll be here when you're able to be and when you're meant to be. :)

I completely understand the computer/internet issue. Been there, done that. :) Too many times.

Thanks for the heads up! :)
Thanks, I just wish I knew what and why they're doing this. They "want" to provide a service, then provide it, don't mess things up for people who just need a simple service.

If others don't think its good enough, then let those who can, go to AT&T or Comcast. It's seems as though TPTB are never happy unless they are messing things up for the people.

That was my rant today. It's nice to have a place to voice it. :)
Yes, that's true, so many people either forget or they don't realize the many opportunities we have to have a voice.