[Must See!] Maybe this is Annuanki on the Sun.


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One second image before it all got blacked out.
looks like something has a staff.
Wish they didn't block this out. Be a lot more easier to see. Not sure if those lines are like snakes.



I would really like this see whats behind the lines, anytime they hide something like that you know there's something sinister going on I'm sure they would explain it away some with something simple.


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I'm not sure where I'm looking. Where in the picture(s) are you talking about with the thing with the staff? And the snakes?

But I can see what you're saying about beings living there. Are they the Annunaki? who knows, right? Could be.


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Right inside the bright white spot. then the tentacles after the bright spot that look like snake heads. Still haven't figured out how to make a movie. lol