Michael Teachings: JP and Mike on Colorado killer James Eagan Holmes


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I just read a thread from The Michael Teachings Community. I think you might be interested. Here is the quoted below:

This is what JP and MIke channeled on their conference call. It's a very unusual and strange story involving two walk-ins. This is my paraphrasing of what they said.

The original soul in the killer's body was a 4th or 5th level young soul who left in grade school because the body had a disease that he did not want to experience through his whole life. (Later they said it was paranoid schizophrenia.)

The second soul walked in at that time, a 1st level baby scholar. He was very, very bright and unusually advanced intellectually for his soul age. He was well suited to a life as a lab scientist needing little in the way of social interaction. They said that he dreamed of being a brilliant neuroscientist and possibly finding a way to correct whatever was wrong in his nervous system.

When this baby soul moved from southern California to Colorado and began his advanced studies, he quickly realized he was terribly overwhelmed, that he wasn't going to succeed there, and he had to leave.

He was replaced by a 4th level infant sage in passion mode with greed. This soul had only had 6 or 7 previous lives. He dived into this situation, greedily anticipating that he would become powerful and successful (bearing in mind that infant souls don't have much clarity about what those terms mean).

The infant soul was also in way over his head. Quickly the faculty amd staff recognized that there had been a change and this guy was not the same as the student they had admitted. They dropped or excluded him from the program and he became extremely embittered.

As a very inexperienced infant soul he had not yet learned that killing lots of people has a downside :) and he plotted xtravagantly to take out as many people and do as much damage as he could. I'm not going to go into details of how and why he did what--the distinguishing fact is the early infant mentality, which we rarely see in the US now.

It is very rare to have such young souls involved in walk-ins, which are almost always fairly old souls who know what they are doing and are prepared for the challenges. Old souls can often cause "miraculous" healings and changes in a body that is physiclly damaged or defective. For some reason no older souls showed up to walk in to James Egan's body. Maybe the chemistry was just too much damaged, or just that no one was interested except the two souls who each had specific agendas they thought they could advance as James Egan.