Mobile phone radiation is carcinogenic


Mobile phone radiation is carcinogenic
Thursday, December 25, 2008

AMSTERDAM -- It seems that there is now a definitive response on whether the radiation from mobile phones cause cancer or not. The initial results of the largest studies ever conducted in this area shows that many people who call to fifty percent more likely to have cancer.

It is an examination of Inter Phone, people in Israel, Great Britain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland has been studied.

The hazards shown on the long-term presence. Especially people who have more than ten years mobile phone use frequently, are likely to develop a brain tumor.

Examination of Inter-Phone is the first major research in this area is conducted. Previous studies were not representative because a small group of people over a short period were examined. The full results will be published early 2009. It says the American magazine Popular Science.

How the radiation from mobile phones cause cancer is still unknown. The radiation is too weak to damage cells directly.

The study is reminiscent of the large study of fifty years ago which showed that smoking caused cancer.