A Taoist priest taught a group of students that our souls are like a little boat on the river of life. "Life," he said, "is not the boat or the river, but the place where they come together and flow seamlessly between the worlds." - unknown.

The universe is shining along a vast spectrum of wavelengths right now, so indulge - dive in to recognize all the hints, clues, and revelations are providing you direction for defining yourself at the latest, Newest levels. The goal this week is to take the initiative and be the cause for your own creations.

It's a time to remake yourself, find new solutions and projects, even if it ends up not working out it's ok, what matters is you make an effort. It's real important to have an experimental attitude right now because the New 5D reality is still a work in progress even though it will be well anchored by the Cosmic Convergence on October 28th.

Just keep on plugging - listening to that Inner Voice and watching the invisible field of assistance that is emerging here. October can layer you with a harmonic, nature-based ability to be let go and rearrange into your new form of human expression.

During September you recalibrated your DNA to the magnetic upgrade in the 5D crystalline grid that encircles Gaia (the planet). In recent years it has been difficult to perceive the higher dimensions, as you had to shut down over 90% of your brain capabilities and turn off 97% of your DNA to limit your reality to the third dimension.

Over the past few weeks you began to reverse that process. Discovering the wisdom and purpose of a new multidimensionality will be profound. Although I caution you to remember, the boundaries between dimensions are beginning to blur NOW. For brief moments you may begin to perceive the third, fourth and fifth dimensions all at once.

A 5D human differs greatly from a 3D human; often your physical senses will become confused with the multidimensional stimuli that is entering. If you have been experiencing bouts of dizziness, unsteadiness, vertigo, difficulty orienting yourself in space, blurred vision, inability to read or focus, burning/watery eyes, skull/eye pressure, ringing in the ears, pressure over/in the ears, headaches and migraines or out-of-body estrangement then you are working with the trouble-maker symptoms of the magnified upgrade.

When the 5D/3D parallel becomes too much take a moment and focus solely on your third dimensional world until you feel grounded and balanced. Take long, slow, deep breaths and keep your eyes open. Within minutes you will regain your equilibrium.

Looking ahead October will definitely add more pizzazz to your earth life because the illusions that separate the third dimension from the higher worlds are thinning now, and your inner clock is chiming that it is time to be your SELF in your life and see reality through the eyes of Soul.

It is this perception that allows you to see the new world that being unveiled. If your process becomes overwhelming, again slow down -- take a moment to limit your awareness to one dimension at a time. The dimensions have a hierarchy structure, and you have been programmed to easily perceive the lower dimensions but not the higher ones. With the grounding of the latest sacred forces of energy (multidimensional consciousness) in your earth vessel, you are learning to perceive many dimensions at once.

Multidimensional perception can be confusing until your brain is re-programmed to organize all the information into an understandable manner. Your pineal and pituitary glands have been constantly stimulated over the last couple of months with various light codes generated by the intense solar activity in the Milky Way.

While this has been encouraging you to make forward progress in the unification of matter and Spirit it can also create emotional, physical and psychological correspondences.

Again, breathe into your experience, then simply release the dissonance of the lower worlds and embrace the joy and unconditional love of the higher realities. You are grounding your expanded SELF in your daily life and learning to function with a new type of perception, which will take some practice to master.

As you intend and allow your multidimensional SELF to embody your earth vessel, the Soul re-calibrates your vessel to be fully multidimensional. It is this change in operating systems (third dimensional to multidimensional) that is will cause your perceptual confusion.

However, just as you are able to perceive the second and first dimensions from your third dimensional self, when your primary essence, or point of focus is in your fifth dimensional self, you will easily perceive the fifth, fourth, third, second and first dimensions. When your multidimensional perceptions are fully activated, you will easily see the "big picture" and know how you are to proceed in your new life.

As we incline, as a planetary species, toward the Ascension portal of 2012, a grand phenomenon is occurring that only those who are metaphysically based can sense. We need to be able to imagine and inquire about the supernatural side of reality in order to entertain the reality of the unseen worlds.

Then the resulting balanced action is to actually experience and live in the unseen spiritual world. As frequencies escalate, your re-calibrated earth vessel will be able to perceive wider and wider spectrums of light and sound.

These expanded perceptions will activate whole brain thinking and bring many latent abilities on line. Whole brain thinking is the ability to process simultaneously with both your right and left hemispheres. This thinking will allow you conscious access to your entire brain, as well "turn on" that 97% of unused DNA.

As each of us activates the powers of our multidimensional self in daily life, we will contribute those experiences to the collective (with a capital "C") consciousness. Then when another has expanded their consciousness enough to connect to the collective and planetary consciousness, they will be able to access 5D as easily as logging on to a website.

As each of us shares your experiences of awakening, it makes it easier for the whole to edit out the old, third dimensional beliefs of limitation and separation. It is those old beliefs that give power to the third dimensional frequency. When the release of those patterns reaches critical mass, the transition will greatly accelerate and perceptions will begin to easily encompass higher dimensional experiences.

As each of us awakens to the Soulful Self, we make it easier for others to awaken as well. We must all cooperate in this recalibration. Be sure to "save" your work to the program for this galaxy. Just as you must save your work before you exit a file on your computer, save the experience of recalibration in your mind/computer before you return to your mundane world.

If you do not save it, you can forget it like it never happened. Grounding your efforts with a third dimensional creative form or action and sharing that creative expression with others can best accomplish this "saving" process. To do that you might have to make a conscious note to allow your Spirit mind to ebb and flow with the seamless rhythms of the universe.

Realize too that you have a great allied force on the other side of the human veil. I have written previously about the importance of establishing a bridge to the world of your spirit guides. We are in the earth era when each of us has hundreds of helpers waiting to respond to our calls.

There are fluctuating dark and light ages throughout history for planet Earth and we just need to remember that we have signed on to experience the galactic midnight breaking through to the dawn of a bazillion Lights. And during such transitory times in history there are a plethora of extra astral and spiritual beings doing universal community service. I say again - do not forego the healing counsel that travels with you this lifetime.

Gaze into this week and join me in seeing that it stands for sacred reorganization and perhaps sacred time out; it is a time of prayer and retreat to attain our own healing knowledge. Take some time to gather your imagination within the masterworks of Mother Nature in order to trek into the living light of your highest potential.

Release your worries and frustrations knowing the medicine of cosmic precision will heal all concerns. Immerse yourself in the Light of who you are now and who you were always meant to be.

Travel out under an eternal canopy of stars to ponder all that you are destined to discover at this time. Don't waste one minute of this magical bridging time between the spiritual and material realms.

To say we will live to see monumental change is an exaggerated understatement. The human spirit is the strongest stuff on Earth, and the lessons we carry with us on a Soul level, born of love and long-suffering are the underpinnings of our Earth school. In the coming months, we will start to see realities more and more from the broadened lucidity of our Spiritual nature.

Lastly, I want to give a Big shout out to all my fans on Face Book! Many thanks to those of you who have posted notes on my wall - they have warmed my heart. To know that the in-between energy alerts is helping my readers to live life more fully and with greater understanding of our spiritual quest here is what it is all about for me.

To those of you not on Face Book, join up! I am not one of those individuals using the forum to network and advertise. I only use it to send out extra notices and information when we are experiencing a highlighted day energetically.

Have a wonderful week and may I say what a blessed coincidence it is to meet you on this divine path of discovery and joy -

BLESSING: (My note: If you can say this out loud)

The wings of heaven lift me forth into a new element of Love.I cross thru a Doorway
of Healing and illuminated potential to sit with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. I
am embraced by the higher vibration of love that these gentle souls weave.

My heart opens to new pathways of instruction. Anything which no longer fits my new
paradigm of existence is now escorted out of my realm of experience. I see with a new
heart how beautifully love can be in every moment of Life.

It is in every joy. It is in every strife. It is in what I view as darkness as well as what I decree as light. It is in the fullness of all within me that I do not love, and within my world that I do not know how to love. No longer can these places be stained by the injuries of incarnated love. I integrate the Divine Female aspects of Universal Soul. Spirit hears this divine decree and I am transformed by its deliverance of this holy proclamation.

With a thankful honoring I live from this new elevation of Self and Soul. I am the
grandness of love that comes to heal the scars of humanistic expression. From this
sweet spot of satisfaction I know it is so. Amen.

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