MSM admits that governments have "countering terrorism" teams "targeting internet communities"

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This is from a Dutch, but it's important. MSM is openly admitting that governments have teams of people on the internet engaging in "countering terrorism". In other words these teams attempting to change the direction, beliefs and focus of "targeted groups" or "internet communities" like this one.

So how does it work?
A small group of agents with sufficient knowledge of targeted community is to be stationed in online popular fora where members of that community can be found. Their job is to watch for extremist statements and to try to counteract it with offering a moderate view as an undercover.

Here is the translation:
Interior Minister Joëlle Milquet (CDH). Photo: AP
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Interior Minister Milquet (CDH) establish a group of experts on the internet against a discourse formulate radicalising youth.

Milquet realize that you can not fight the Internet. Freedom of expression is too important. Yet she wants to avoid that young people, even radicalized by reading radical Islamic messages online. "We want to create a counterweight to radicalising young people. Il ya besoin d'un contre-discourse, "she explains in an interview with DS Evening.

The plan she suggested at an international conference on violent radicalization in Brussels. "Currently we give full training to deal with the problem, people familiar signals so that they can timely detection and intervention. These range from police officers about personnel to people from the world of education. For this we work closely with the states, especially the communities and the local authorities. "

And then the second step, the Minister says: "The idea is that we create a cell, initially four or five people who are familiar with the internet, speak the language of young people susceptible to radicalization - Arabic so - and know something of their culture and frame of reference '.

"If young people do refer to a passage from the Koran that a departure to Syria would justify or require, it is intended that they get handed another truth. Another interpretation of the passage, another religious text that suggests just the opposite, and so on. So they do not get stuck in a tunnel vision and still hear several sides. "

The entire interview, including its response to the mayor Vilvoordse Bonte, refer to dSAvond.

Full article in Dutch:
Milquet gaat radicalisering op internet aanpakken - De Standaard