My friends conniving dr. and her immediate health


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Well first of all if i've said anything to offend I do try not to do that anybody out there please accept my apologies, as I feel like I've may have lost some rapport out there. Maybe I'm just upset over the situation here. I'm trying to see how this happened again for a reason. So far no light bulb is going off. :frown:

My friend received a call from the pharmacy yesterday and started the ball rolling again. She called and talked to the physcians assistant and tried to make her understand the situation. Anyway assist said they would send the scrips over electronically and i hey didn't receive them they'd have to call twice. pharmacist has done this twice. My friend has called twice the reply "we'll try to get it out today" Meantime while they're yanking her chain. She's getting shorter of breath (happens roo when we have high humidity and doesn't have much of an appetite. But then she's been without her whole meds for two weeks for awhile she did have half of them. This biotch of a dr. :dejection: well, as soon as the first normally 3rd but that's on a Sunday (she has to wait for her Social Security to come in we're going to try the drs to the house thing. Whatever she's not going back to a dr who's willing to lie and tells her office staff to lie too. You can't trust someone like that.:frown: But let me ask anybody out there if you can't go 4 and half blocks to see the dr. how can you go $20.00 round trip worth out to the lab and get blood work done? Why won't they belief this is a real situation and we're trying to rectify it?