My Past Life Reading - Session 1


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I have been thinking to have a Past Life Regression done for a long time now. Today my dream has come true. Thanks to Lady of Light's brilliant job.

June 27, 2012
Past Life (Session 1)

This was a very unusual set of visions for me. What happened in the sequence of events is not something that I would have expected, but here goes.

It started out with a flying saucer, not too big looking. It then turned into at least 3, and then into a very large group of saucers. Following this, I could merely see a spire of a sort it was spikey, and like anything I can equate with Earth. It looked like something out of a sci-fi movie. The sky behind it was even a strange sunset like color, mostly of a dark grey with purple (not magenta). Very strange.

There was what appeared to be a farm or some sort of open land, rolling hills, with a city in the distance.

I see a man getting out of a car (left side driver) in front of a light brown brick building. He is looking up to the sky above the buildings watching something. He does not close the car door. He seems stunned by what he is seeing. He is wearing a light brown hooded jacket or sweater lined with a soft matted material. His jacket is not done up, but it is a warm jacket. The sun is shining in this scene. His hair is black and slicked back, it shines in the sun. I cannot see his face. He gets back into his car and drives away. The look of the car and the man I would have to place somewhere around the 1950s or 1960s.

A man sitting in front of an old microphone, all shown in black and white, possibly a broadcast, he is reporting something, but I cannot hear what, I am not receiving any audio.

The report now zooms out to being viewed on a television in someone’s living room. There is a tall woman, hair is light brown and done up as per the 50s-60s time period. Television also matches something from that time period. The woman is vacuuming. My vantage point is from inside the living room and I can see through a wide doorway into the kitchen, which has a door to the outside on the left side and to the back of the kitchen. There is a good sized kitchen table. While the woman is still vacuuming, her husband comes in through the back door. I can somewhat see out the door, it looks like there is a large yard, but there are neighbors not too far away. (The houses are not on top of each other like in a large city, it was more countrified.) He is wearing suit and a hat and is carrying an overcoat. He places his hat on the table.

Now there is a man in a suit (looks very much like the woman’s husband noted above) sitting in a chair in a studio getting his make-up done as if to go in front of the cameras. There is a woman applying his make-up. She is blonde, short hair kind of curly at the bottom, wearing a short skirt for the time period which looks like it hangs like a poodle-skirt but not as long. She is not an averagely short woman. This is all being viewed from a distance, but close enough to see what’s going on.

Everything viewed after the man in the car, is viewed in black and white or sepia. None of the men viewed were the same except for the last 2, which is stated.