NASA: Hidden UFO Imagery Hacked: The secret truth of UFO”s now uncovered

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In this article NASA is exposed of their cover up of UFOs, from

Veterans Today, working with Ricardo Baretzky, Operational Director of the Counter Intelligence Agency Asian desk has cracked NASA’s encryption block.

The craft shown above and in the video, we are informed, is in Australia without government approval. They don’t even know it is there.

This is an armed military craft, US Department of Defense, capable of use against any potential target on earth. Sources indicate that this craft has been used against “targets.”

There have been reports of unusual drone attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan where victims have dissolved or are found with their bodies in a “rubberized” state.

These are confirmed.

Partial failure of field generated camoflage of large craft moored in Area 51, a possible explanation of the “Phoenix Lights.”

Photograph of “Phoenix lights:”

July, 2008, Phoenix, AZ

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